"Thing is... Dead people just don't interest me. ♣ I prefer to look into the living, rather than the lifeless... ♠ Eyes, that is. ♥"

— Hisoka

The Night Before the Showdown (決戦前夜, Kekken Zen'ya) is the 26th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Tonpa is tied to a wooden pole with a signboard. Leorio and Kurapika then catch Sommy and they take his badges and retrieve Leorio's. Leorio expresses his gratitude to Kurapika for helping him. But Kurapika remarks that he does not deserve thanks because he did not strike earlier to see if Leorio can handle the situation alone first. With the newly-acquired badges in their possession, Kurapika is set at six points, so they proceed to hunt down Leorio's target.

Somewhere in the forest, Killua calls out to the person following him, and asks this person to come out. Meanwhile, Hisoka asks whoever is watching him to reveal himself. Then he stands up and walks towards the bushes, where Gon is hiding. Gon thinks he has been caught and prepares himself, but somewhere near his location, another person named Goz appears. Goz seeks a skirmish with Hisoka and attacks Hisoka with his spear. Gon sees this as an opportunity to get Hisoka's badge with one shot, then he notices that Hisoka is not attacking back. Frustrated, Goz asks Hisoka why he won't fight back, and Hisoka replies that he does not bother because Goz is already dying, as the swarming Hemotropic Butterflies are indicative of the deepness of his wound. Hisoka further tells that someone already fatally wounded Goz and understands that Goz wants to end his life as a warrior. Goz then asks again why Hisoka won't fight back, and Hisoka explains that dead people don't interest him as he prefers looking into the eyes of the living.

Gon anxiously observes the situation. Suddenly, pins come flying to Goz's face, killing him instantly. Gittarackur appears and apologizes that he carelessly let Goz getaway. Hisoka calls out his lie and says that Gittarackur let Goz away to have his last wish fulfilled. Gittarackur replies that even Hisoka does that from time to time, and Hisoka says that he does that only for those worthy enough, which are a shame to kill so soon. With Goz's badge, Gittarackur has garnered six points, and he gives a spare badge to Hisoka that he got from killing a sniper. Gittarackur then removes the pins on his face and takes on a new appearance. He then digs through the ground and will stay there until the deadline.

Later that night, Hisoka decides that it is time to hunt to get two more points. Gon follows closely. Hisoka then targets Leorio and Kurapika.

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