"Now look what they've done. ♠ They had to go and get me... stirred up. ♣ Got to take a grip. ♦"

— Hisoka

A Volatile Situation (一触即発, Isshoku-sokuhatsu) is the 27th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Hisoka begins his hunt for two more badges. He stalks Kurapika and Leorio while Gon follows closely, worrying for his friends. Hisoka then reveals himself and demands both of their badges. Leorio starts talking but Kurapika interrupts him, noting that neither of their badges is Hisoka's target. Hisoka then says that that is not the issue and asks if they will give their badges or not. Kurapika begins negotiating, saying that they have a total of four badges, namely both of their own, Kurapika's target, and a spare badge worth one point. As Kurapika reveals the I.D. numbers, Hisoka says that those are not his target. Kurapika can give Hisoka the spare badge but he is not willing to give up the other badges without a fight. Hisoka asks for Kurapika's I.D. number and Kurapika replies, revealing that he is not Hisoka's target either. Then Hisoka agrees to take their spare badge. Kurapika places the badge inside a tree, and he and Leorio leave the area while Hisoka stays.

Hisoka says to himself how Leorio and Kurapika have come far in just a few days, but still have a lot to go through. Then he checks the badge in the tree and finds out that it still does not belong to his target. Gon worries over his last chance to steal Hisoka's badge. He thinks about making a move the next time Hisoka goes after someone and thinks that it is likely that the next person will hand over their badge to Hisoka without a fight. Suddenly, Gon gets overwhelmed by Hisoka's extreme bloodlust, making Gon tremble in fear. Hisoka goes on to hunt in order to calm himself down. Gon notices that Hisoka will surely attack the next person he encounters. Gon then decides to find Hisoka's next target before Hisoka does and sees Agon nearby. Then Gon hides patiently behind some bushes, waiting for their confrontation.

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