"He was... Looking for an antidote?! You couldn't know he had one!"

— Ponzu

By the Skin of Their Teeth... (九死に⋯, Kyūshi ni...) is the 31st chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Leorio was bitten by a snake and remains in critical condition. Ponzu says that she was the one who killed Bourbon, but won't reveal her methods. Kurapika tries to get close to Bourbon's body, but the snakes attack him. He deduces that Bourbon died of an anaphylactic shock caused by bee stings. Bourbon was stung several times in succession causing his body to have an allergic reaction. Ponzu says he is completely correct. She leaked sleeping gas into the cave and caused Bourbon to fall asleep, but this did not affect the snakes hiding under the rocks. The trap had already been set, but she could not get near Bourbon because of the snakes.

As it turns out, her sudden shock caused her bees to attack Bourbon, killing him. She couldn't even help him because the snakes prevented her from getting near. Even after Bourbon's death, his trap still works. Ponzu claims to have given up and awaits the examiners to rescue her. However, Kurapika says this is not an option because Leorio is in critical condition. Gon decides to risk his life to approach Bourbon's corpse hoping to find an antidote, as well as taking his plate. He succeeds, and Kurapika applies the medicine to both Leorio and Gon.

However, the problem remains—they still cannot leave the cave. Gon asks Ponzu for sleeping gas in exchange for Bourbon's plate. It would take 5 minutes for gas to fill the room and Gon can hold his breath for longer. They act according to the plan and put all the snakes to sleep. Gon carries Ponzu and Kurapika out of the cave then takes Ponzu's plate for Leorio in exchange for rescuing her.

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