"Former Chairman Netero... was too powerful. He never understood the weaker Hunters. Whereas I empathize with the plight of our lessers!! That's the kind of chairman I promise to be!!"

— Pariston Hill

Lottery (抽選, Chūsen) is the 319th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


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After Netero's death, the Zodiacs gathers in order to organize the election of a new head for the Hunter Association. The other members of the Zodiac are irritated that Pariston, the current vice chairman, is late to the meeting. Immediately after arriving, Pariston takes charge of the meeting and announces his candidacy for the position. The other members of the Zodiac are unhappy with this development, with Ginta threatening to kill him and Gel attacking him. Mizaistom also comments on the 18 hunters that have gone missing in the 3 years since Pariston became vice chairman, a tenfold increase from the previous rate of .6 hunters per year.

Ging then also announces his rival candidacy for chairman, although he also appears to be unpopular amongst the rest of the Zodiacs. Pariston taunts Ging about the fact that his son Gon is currently hospitalized, but Ging expresses his confidence in Gon's survival.

Cheadle suggests that they decide the rules of the election by each writing their suggestions on a piece of paper and having Beans draw one. The rest of the Zodiac agrees and they proceed with the lottery. Beans ends up drawing Ging's paper as the winning set of rules.

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