"For the record, I'd very much like to fight you right now. ♠"

— Hisoka, to Netero

And the Final Test...? (最終試験は⋯?, Saishū Shiken wa...?) is the 32nd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


The Fourth Phase has ended and the participants have one hour to get back to the starting point. Any tags exchanged at this point will result in disqualification. The Chairman Netero is surprised that out of the nine remaining contestants, six are newbies. He says he plans to speak to them one by one to see what happens in the last phase.

Inside the airship, Kurapika approaches Gon to thank him for the last phase. He notices that Gon has been acting a little weird since they met and asks what happened. Gon says his target was Hisoka and explains how he managed to steal his tag, but lost it, only to have it returned by Hisoka. Gon is very upset and angry because he felt really helpless against Hisoka and couldn't return the punch. He felt really lonely so he decided to find Kurapika and Leorio to help them out.

Hisoka is called to the interview room. Netero asks him why he wants to become a Hunter. Hisoka says that being a Hunter alleviates most of the responsibility of killing someone. Netero asks which candidate he is most interested in. Hisoka says Killua. Gon is not bad, but he can't reach the level of Killua for now. Who he wants to fight the most is Gon. Hisoka adds that the one he truly wants to fight is Netero himself.

Netero asks the same questions of the remaining candidates. Pokkle says Kurapika interests him, and he doesn't want to fight Hisoka. Killua is most interested in Gon, and doesn't want to fight Pokkle because it would be boring. Bodoro is interested in Hisoka and doesn't want to fight Gon or Killua because they are kids. Gittarackur is interested in Killua and doesn't want to fight Hisoka. Gon says he is most interested in Hisoka, and doesn't want to fight Killua, Kurapika, or Leorio. Hanzo is interested in Hisoka and also doesn't want to fight him. Kurapika is positively interested in Gon and negatively interested in Hisoka. With a good enough reason, he's willing to fight anyone. Leorio is interested in Gon and also doesn't want to fight him. Finally, Netero says that the preparations for the Final Phase are complete. They arrive at their destination.

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