"I thought mass murderers weren't interested in worldly affairs."

— Kanzai to Hisoka

Voting (投票, Tōhyō) is 320th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


The Zodiacs decided to determine the rules of the election via a lottery in which each member submitted a paper with their proposed set of rules. Ging is the winner of the lottery as his paper is drawn. He has a set of five rules:

  1. Every single Hunter is eligible to be a candidate and voter.
  2. If the candidate with the most votes does not achieve the majority, the candidates will be cut down to the top 16. The candidates will be halved with each round of voting.
  3. If the voting rate is ever less than 95% that election should be redone.
  4. All nameless votes will be considered null and void.
  5. Ging will be the chairman of the election committee.

However, Ging immediately concedes the last rule in order to get the Zodiac to accept the rest of his rules (the fourth rule, in particular, had been controversial). It is then revealed through a flashback that Ging had foreseen that the election rules would be put up to a lottery and had rigged it by entrusting his paper to Beans in advance. However, he also stated that he had no desire to influence the outcome of the election and was taking action purely for the thrill of the hunt.

Cluck Manipulating Birds Volume 30 Colored

Cluck sending ballots to every Hunter

The election takes place on October 8th, on the first-floor lobby of the Hunter Association headquarters. Other voting sites are valid if at least three Zodiac members are in attendance. Hisoka arrives to vote, but it turns out that he has an empty ballot and is in fact only there to rate the power of various Hunters. He rates the overall strength of Kanzai as 85 points, Ginta has 90 points, Pyon has 77 points and Illumi, disguised as Gittarackur, as 95 points out of 100.

Illumi tells Hisoka about the Chimera incident, Gon's current situation and that Killua is now planning on negotiating directly with his father. However, Illumi believes that if Killua keeps to his current course of action, both he and Gon will die. When Hisoka tells him to explain, Illumi says that he has a "younger brother" that he wishes to eliminate. It becomes apparent in later chapters that he was referring to Alluka Zoldyck; notably, although Illumi refers to Alluka as his "brother," various other characters refer to Alluka as female (see her wiki page for a more in-depth discussion of this topic).

The votes are tallied; Pariston comes in first place at 37.6%, with Cheadle coming in a distant second. However, as the participation rate in the vote was only 87.7%, it must be re-held.

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