""No way!" That's how he's going to think! Because he's a moron..."

— Milluki

Butler (執事, Shitsuji) is the 324th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Killua and Alluka are watched by the other Zoldycks through a surveillance camera. Kikyo is delighted to know that Killua has grown to become a good older brother, while Milluki regrets asking Alluka for a simple wish. He earns a glare from his father Silva, who asks Milluki to recite the rules regarding Alluka's ability. He states that Killua has another way of thinking than the rest of the Zoldycks and that is why Illumi tried to adjust him by using his needles.

Killua picks up Alluka and asks Silva to open the door. Silva says no and tells him he has to make the "wish" there. Killua thinks of a way to get out and asks from Alluka that, if they are not able to leave Kukuroo Mountain within 30 minutes, their mother, Kikyo, die. However, if they succeed, Alluka will give Killua a kiss on the cheek. Alluka agrees, switching into her wish-granting mode. Kikyo sits on the floor, shocked yet proud. She is proud that Killua has grown and could say something so cruel. Silva lets them leave and at the base of the mountain, Killua is seen being kissed on the cheek.

Morel calls Killua from the hospital and tells him that many other Hunters have visited Gon but have gotten no response. Killua assures him that he will not use an Exorcist in dealing with Gon. Suddenly, Gotoh interrupts the call and tells him not to leave the mountain. Killua is already at Movement Restriction Level 4, in which case his speech is restricted.

Killua lets Gotoh and Canary accompany him and Alluka. Gotoh asks him why is Canary needed and Killua replies that Canary can take delicate care of Alluka, which is required because Alluka's a girl. Tsubone and Amane are also ordered by Silva to accompany them. If Killua ever breaks the rules, they'll immediately return to Kukuroo Mountain. All of a sudden, Alluka asks for Tsubone's pinky fingernail. While everyone is in a state of shock, Tsubone gladly gives Alluka her nail and tells Killua that she will hide so Alluka won't be able to make any more requests from her. Killua seems worried by this situation, but still assures Alluka that there is nothing to worry about.

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