Joining the Fray (參戦, Sansen) is the 325th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Gotoh's cellphone rings to a mysterious person. He is unable to give some information about the welfare and situation Killua is in and hangs up on the person. Gotoh's cellphone then rings again and the mysterious person ends up being Leorio, who screams into the phone in frustration. After Gotoh finds this out, he tells Leorio only a little more detail. Leorio continues to insult Gotoh, and Gotoh, out of frustration as well, gets serious and tells Leorio the situation in much further detail including how much Killua is sacrificing. Killua talks to Leorio to calm his nerves, and then Morel, being a much calmer man, wants to talk to Gotoh.

Leorio refuses his cellphone to him, but Morel says if a condition comes up that Leorio can't agree with, he'll give Morel the phone. Gotoh tells Leorio they must evacuate the hospital: staff, patients and visitors, to keep Alluka's powers secret. Leorio, of course, can't agree with this. Morel takes the phone, detailing a plan to construct a private room for Gon in the parking lot of the hospital. He calls Knov, and they discuss what Alluka's powers are, since every Nen Remover has been driven away with fear and hopelessness. However, they trust Killua. Leorio takes his phone and leaves the room, wondering why Kurapika hasn't come to visit.

In the Hunter Association building just across the block, Pariston is giving a speech to the Hunters in attendance about voting to the 95% rating like former chairman Netero wanted no matter their ideals. He even uses Ging as an example. They begin a Q & A and the first question is from Leorio. He asks Ging why he hasn't visited Gon in the hospital. Leorio grows increasingly incensed by Ging's answers, punching the podium in half. The punch travels through the floor, into the table, and punches Ging squarely in the face. He takes the punch fully on purpose. This also shows Leorio has been learning Nen. The crowd cheers and claps in joy. The Fourth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman results come in with a 97% voting rate. And surprisingly to all, Leorio has finished in 3rd.

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