Open Hostilities (開戦, Kaisen) is the 326th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Beans gives a brief introduction for the 16 candidates in the fifth round of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election, including their achievements and goals.

Killua heads to Gon's hospital in a car. Watching the electoral conference on a computer, he is surprised by Leorio's Nen ability and boldness. Gotoh, who is holding Killua's cell phone, receives a call from Illumi, which he quickly passes to Killua. It is then revealed through Killua's thoughts that Gotoh has subtly helped him understand the interrelationship between people within the Zoldyck's estate concerning AllukaSilva and Zeno want to control Alluka's ability, but Illumi intends to kill her.

Illumi then asks Killua about the removal of the needle he planted in his head, which Killua confirms. Hearing that, Illumi says he will go into action. Killua asks if he wants to kill him and Illumi replies that family members are forbidden to kill each other in an "inner mission", implying that he does not view Alluka as part of the family and wants to kill Alluka. Killua immediately issues a challenge to Illumi. As soon as that happens, Illumi manipulates a car and two trucks to drive Killua's car off the cliff.

Chap 326 - illumi and hisoka looking at the crash

Hisoka and Illumi watching the crash together

Watching from a distance as the car comes crashing down into a forest below, Hisoka remarks that Illumi is too extreme. Illumi replies that he has no choice because Killua is hiding some rules of Alluka's ability and asks Hisoka to eliminate the servants. Hisoka then asks if he can kill Killua, making Illumi explode with anger and give off an intense killing aura for a moment. He suspects this is a deliberate provocation to let Killua know where they are, but Hisoka says it is merely a joke.

Knowing where Illumi is from his killing intent, Killua tells Alluka to close her eyes and hold him tight. Amane says they should get as far away from Illumi as possible. While they are running in the forest, she tells him that Tsubone, she, Silva, and Zeno are not his enemies and that protecting Killua is part of her and Tsubone's mission. Realizing that Alluka's name is missing from those words, Killua activates his Godspeed mode and tells the 3 servants that he considers them his enemies.

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  • The hand gesture made by Hisoka while provoking Illumi is similar to the fig sign called "sekkusu" (セックス, "sex") in Japanese. A hand gesture that lets the person talking to you know that you are talking about sex, which has fallen into disuse since 1989.
    • The verb he used is also an euphemism both for "to kill" and "to have intercourse with".


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