"Only Alluka can get Gon back to normal. But Illumi is trying to kill her."

— Killua Zoldyck to Morel

Arrangements (手配, Tehai) is the 328th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Killua runs out of the forest carrying Alluka and decides to use Godspeed: Speed of Lightning again to get to the next city Parasta, which is 40km away. Knowing that she will be left behind if she keeps chasing by herself, Tsubone immediately calls Amane and Canary then transforms into a motorcycle running off of the two young servants' aura. The three of them quickly catch up with Killua but he runs off the paved road into a forest to escape from them, leaving them no choice but to predict where he will go.

Killua arrives at the Parasta Airport. To his disappointment, Amane and Canary have been waiting for him there. He tells them to go prepare 5 or 6 airships which will be sent in different directions to trick Illumi. While they are making the booking, Killua and Alluka leave in an airship, causing Amane to get angry with Canary. Killua then contacts Morel by phone, telling him that Illumi is trying to kill Alluka and that the whole Zoldyck Family might die because of him wishing to have Gon restored.

Chap 328 - Illumi showing his needles to Hisoka

Illumi showing his needles to Hisoka

Illumi and Hisoka arrive by the airport in a car after Killua's airship has taken off. Hisoka asks Illumi if they should just wait in ambush near the hospital, but Illumi rejects the idea because he thinks a lot of Killua's comrades will be there to help Killua. Seeing 8 airships in the sky, he decides to use his special needles to turn a number of ordinary people into Needle People who will follow his commands until they die.

Meanwhile, in the airship, Killua predicts that Illumi will resort to his Needle People and tells Morel about it. He wants Morel to take advantage of the Hunters in the anti-chairman faction who advocate the reformation of the Hunter Bylaws to hunt down Illumi. Morel agrees to talk to Teradein, Bushidora, and Loupe, the three leaders of the anti-chairman faction, about the danger of Illumi and the recovery of the Needle People.

After listening to Morel, Teradein, Bushidora, and Loupe come up with a plan which prioritizes returning the Needle People back to normal. They then give a number of other Hunters an order to capture whoever comes near the airships. They comment on their displeasure about the Hunter Association, one being the Hunter Exams need to be stricter, to not let people like Illumi become a Hunter in the first place. At the same time, Illumi starts to attack using his pawns. He then asks Hisoka to hunt the "misses" for him, to which the latter accepts.

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