"If Alluka doesn't die, but Illumi does, and I'm hated by Killua then even if Gon comes back to health, I won't have gotten any sort of bonus."

— Hisoka, deciding for a plan

Confession (告白, Kokuhaku) is the 330th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Killua and Alluka are trapped by Illumi and his needle humans. Killua is worried about the situation and wonders if he should escape or not. Out from the shadows, Tsubone appears, claiming that she fell into Illumi's trap. The Zoldycks are watching them through her scope, and Milluki is sending the video to Illumi. Illumi reveals that Tsubone is the 'peeping Tom'. Alluka suddenly asks for Tsubone's nail from her middle and ring fingers. Tsubone gladly gives them to Alluka, activating her wish-granting mode.

Tsubone lets Killua state his wish but Illumi interrupts him to say that if Killua goes through with it, he may sacrifice dozens of innocent people to save Gon. If Killua can sacrifice Tsubone and Amane, then he may also kill Illumi. Meanwhile, Hisoka debates whether he should kill Alluka and earn Killua's hatred, or leave Alluka alive, save Gon and make Illumi his enemy. Illumi doesn't mind dying as long as the rest of the family ends up safe. They are having a 'transaction' between Illumi's death and Gon's safety. Hisoka still decides on his future actions and comes up with the idea of killing Alluka, which will make Killua hate him and then kill him, which will earn Illumi's hatred.

Killua finally wishes for Alluka to heal Tsubone's left hand. Upon granting this wish, Alluka gets easily exhausted. Alluka also refers to Killua only by his name, instead of her usual 'big brother'. Killua claims that the ones who are cursed are those who make the wishes. He threatens Illumi by saying that he will cease to be his brother if he ever refers to Alluka as 'it'. Illumi is then reassured, knowing that there is another way to saving Gon without putting Killua at risk. But his doubts are still there, as he feels Killua is hiding something from him. As long as Killua doesn't tell him everything, Alluka will never be free.

Teradein announces to everyone that Bushidora was murdered while tracking an 'Evil Hunter'. While he is announcing this, Hisoka makes his way to Teradein's room and kills him.

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