"The only one out of the remaining four who's really carrying on Netero's spirit is Pariston."

— Ging, as he explains to Cheadle

Day of Reckoning (X日, Ekkusu Dē) is the 331st chapter of the Hunter × Hunter series, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Cheadle consults Ging about the Hunter Chairman Election. He states he will leave as he already had his fun—meeting Leorio. Ging also states that he will vote for Cheadle and she wants to know when the next election round, referred to as "X Day", is going to happen. Ging doesn't tell her a single thing, instead, she asks about beating Pariston. Ging explains that Pariston doesn't think about winning, and not thinking about losing either, making Pariston powerful. It also makes Cheadle easy to read as she knows what she needs to win. Pariston knows the sides of Cheadle, and he has her pinned already. He has no intention of winning or losing, only enjoying himself like Netero and Ging.

Chap 331 - ging freecss

Ging challenging Cheadle's skill as a Hunter

Next, Ging also explains that when Netero blew himself up, 100 Hunter Association airships headed to East Gorteau. They picked up around 5000 cocoons that the Chimera Ants have left behind. Every single human-Ant hybrid in the cocoons can use Nen and they have probably all hatched by now. Pariston wants to play with them in a "big garden". Ging then reveals the next election round—the day of the next Hunter Exam. The next information will be up to Cheadle, as she is a Hunter.

331 - Ickshonpe's statement

Ickshonpe makes his statement

The eighth round of the election is taking place, and Pyon is the host. First, the four remaining candidates—Pariston, Cheadle, Leorio, and Mizaistom. Next, the previous candidates will comment. Botobai wants to entrust the election to Cheadle. They also requested the Hunters not to leave the hall until the 13th Hunter chairman is decided. They have prepared food, water, computers, toilets, and other things that may be needed.

Outside the hospital, Canary and Tsubone arrives on a car. Once inside, Killua steps out while carrying a sleeping Alluka in his arms. They wait inside Gon's room until Alluka wakes by herself.

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