Rumble (鳴動, Meidō) is the 333rd chapter of the series Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Pyon tries to get everyone's attention as it is Pariston's turn to speak. Despite the ruckus, Pariston goes to the podium and delivers his speech, stating that he doesn't mind the noise and claiming that he will do his best to save Gon after the election. He also tells that of all the candidates, Mizaistom is most fit to be the next chairman due to his strength, experience, and caliber.

As Pariston continues on by saying what the other candidates lack, his speech sets Cheadle on edge, because she senses that he is never truly saying what he is thinking. Cheadle then analyzes the situation and predicts how the votes will turn out. She thinks that Pariston has a solid hold on 120 votes from the temps and 30 from his personal staff. 140 votes are undecided, and thus will split up to Mizaistom and Leorio, with Leorio in the first place but not enough to lead to a conclusion.

The Q&A proceeds. Cheadle looks at Ging, only to find him fast asleep. Mizaistom argues that he is quitting the race, in which Pariston insists that what the people want is most important and those who have the caliber to lead must serve the people. Still, Pariston says that they should leave it to the people's will. Cheadle tries to analyze Pariston's motives as does Mizaistom. They both agree that the priority is to get Pariston out of the association. Mizaistom thinks that not even Netero could control Pariston, and so he will destroy the Pariston regime in this election.

Pyon announces the start of the voting. Elsewhere, Killua and Alluka/Nanika arrive at where Gon is. Nanika asks for Gon's hand to heal him. Killua pulls his arm out of the sheet and is terrified to see his body's disheveled state. With Killua's request, Nanika then proceeds to heal Gon. A great surge of energy is emitted from the hospital. Illumi feels the powerful force from where he stands and greedily declares that he wants Nanika's power.

The election results for round four are in, with Leorio leading with 282 votes. Pariston gets 250 votes, Mizaistom, 58, and Cheadle, 16. However, Leorio did not get the majority so the election will go for another round with only him and Pariston as candidates.

Mizaistom and Cheadle contemplate on the energy they felt, Pariston is seen frowning, and Ging is awake. Pariston then starts asking Leorio on what he will do once he becomes the chairman.

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