"Of course. I trust Ging as a worthy enemy."

— Pariston revealing his trump card to Cheadle

Total Defeat (完敗, Kanpai) is the 334th chapter of the series Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Pyon tells Leorio to answer Pariston's question about what he would do after becoming Chairman. Leorio then repeats that all that he wants is to save Gon's life, saying that he will need all of them to achieve it. Pariston looks anxiously toward the auditorium's entrance and says that it would have been perfect timing, but reminds himself that he's not a god. He then turns to Leorio and asks him if he has any plans for restructuring the Hunter Association. A tired Leorio is confused by the question and says he doesn't even know what he's doing. Pariston laughs in reply and says he has no more questions. Cheadle looks on and knows that Pariston's stalling is pointless since everyone is still planning to vote for Leorio, with the applause proving their support for him.

Chap 334 - Pariston announcing an emergency motion

Pariston announcing an emergency motion

Pariston playfully asks if Leorio has any questions for him, and Leorio offers a swift reply of no, wanting to get the election over with. Pariston then speaks to the crowd and proposes to make an emergency motion. All the Zodiacs perk up, and Pyon isn't sure what he said. Pariston addresses the crowd and brings up the topic of revising the Hunter Bylaws and the Hunter Exam, proposing that the current iteration of the latter be abolished. Kanzai angrily objects, saying that the Zodiacs decided that the bylaws were inviolable and adding that Pariston shouldn't bring up a motion like that here. Saccho and Cheadle immediately know that Kanzai is mistaken, and Pariston corrects him by saying that if Cheadle or Mizaistom were still in the running, then he would have honored the decision they made together and stayed quiet until after the election. But he quickly says that neither of the two is still in contention and that Leorio said he has no plans for restructuring things.

As Kanzai realizes that he has been beaten, Pariston continues by saying that under the eighth bylaw, he could just ignore the decision of the cabinet and force the motion through, but says that he doesn't want to disrespect the Zodiacs since they are the Chairman's legacy. Finally, he brings up Teradein and Bushidora's arguments about the third and fourth bylaws, saying that these two need to be revised since the current exam system is being abused. Cheadle understands that Pariston isn't trying to win or lose, realizing that Ging was right about him. She calls him a robot and notes his ability to manipulate everything around him, saying he can make choices that others would find detestable. She asks Pyon for the floor and says that if Leorio becomes Chairman, she will nominate herself as his advisor, promising to revise the bylaws and exam. She says that Leorio will need someone experienced to help him and assures the crowd that she will fill the role, even if she has to leave the Zodiacs.

Chap 334 - Gon and Leorio reuniting

Gon and Leorio reuniting

Leorio speaks up and reiterates that all he cares about is saving Gon as soon as possible, when suddenly Morel enters the room in tears and gives a big thumbs up. Gon then appears along with all his friends who waited in his hospital room. With tears welling up in his eyes, Leorio immediately runs toward him and Gon jumps up in the air with a giant smile. Leorio catches him and cries tears of joy that he's okay, telling Gon how bad he looked in the hospital. As Morel tells him that that's enough, everybody begins to applaud, Pariston included. Gon nervously thanks them as Hanzo stands behind him and enjoys the applause from the crowd. Cheadle realizes that they have been completely defeated, and due to Gon's sudden appearance, that Leorio has lost his motive to run for Chairman, which is why Pariston wanted to keep him in the race. Morel tells Leorio that he can't tell Gon that it was thanks to Killua that he recovered. Leorio asks him why he can't say anything, but Morel sternly tells him to promise for Killua's sake, and Leorio hesitantly agrees.

Cheadle confronts Pariston and asks him when he knew that this would happen. Pariston at first says that it was all coincidence, but after Cheadle presses him further, he answers that he knew it when Ging announced his candidacy and said that Gon wouldn't die. He pictured Gon's arrival, but thought the race would come down to him and Ging (with Ging winning). He says he knew that if Ging had made the election about Gon, he (Pariston) would have had no chance of winning. But once Leorio became a candidate, he understood what he had to do to win, saying that when he felt the rumbling of aura, he had a feeling that Gon was just saved by his friends. He says he then only had to buy time until Gon arrived. He promises to withdraw his motion, but Cheadle is still shocked that he trusted people he had never met to save Gon. Pariston clarifies that he trusts Ging as a worthy enemy, and since Ging said he trusted Gon's friends to save his son, he obviously trusted them as well.

The crowd continues to applaud for Gon, with some asking him to run for Chairman, and as he continues to thank them, he suddenly spots Dwun and List trying to get his attention, with the latter pointing toward Ging sitting between them. As Gon's eyes grow wide and he utters Ging's name, Ging becomes incredibly nervous and says that he didn't plan for this.

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