Decision (決定, Kettei) is the 335th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Gon finally meets his father. Ging did not hesitate to greet him but Gon quickly apologized for being responsible in Kite's death. He stated that Kite turned into a girl. Gon ranted everything that has happened during the Chimera incident while Ging doesn't seem to be interested. While explaining, Gon cries and Ging assures him that Kite trusted him. If Gon wants to apologize, he should apologize to Kite, not to Ging. Ging lets Gon go after his friends, but before he leaves, he asks Ging that they will talk again to each other. Ging thinks it's a problem, and the crowd suddenly goes wild as they are shocked to know that Gon's father is actually Ging.

They started to lecture Ging about irresponsible Ging is. Cheadle then shouts at them to keep quiet. She informs that the election is still going on, and encourages Gon to vote on the next chairman. He chose Pariston, since Leorio wanted to become a doctor, then he can't be the next chairman. Leorio also voted for Pariston and leaves with Gon. Gon once again says goodbye to Ging but he didn't respond. Once again, the crowd shouted at Ging for not even caring to reply. When he finally snapped, Ging started to wrestle with the audience. The Zodiacs started laughing. As Leorio and Gon run off, Ging mentions that he taught Kite his Nen abilities, including the number called "Like hell I'm gonna die!".

The final election was done. Pariston has a total of 458 votes while Leorio only has 157, making Pariston a clear winner. As he gives his speech, Pariston claims Cheadle as the vice-chairman and he retires from the position of the chairman. He leaves the stage and Cheadle runs after him. She is angry because she thinks Pariston is only making fun of her. He answered that he didn't want to become a chairman, he just want to play with the president Netero more. As he says this, tears are coming from his eyes. He orders Cheadle to get the revision of the Hunter exam and the 10 Hunter commandments. He also tells Cheadle that if the organization she'll be running will become boring, then Pariston will seriously make fun of her. Gon asks Leorio where Killua is. He only replies that Killua isn't picking up his phone. Back outside the hospital, Illumi once again confronts Killua and a sleeping Alluka.

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