Release (解除, Kaijjo) is the 336th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Killua is waiting with Alluka at the makeshift hospital as Illumi is approaching. Illumi monologues to himself about Alluka and how her "conditions" don't seem to work on Killua. Illumi decides that a "command" is different than a "Wish". He understands that Killua is the only one capable of handling Nanika's power. Killua tells off his older brother by saying he's going to protect Alluka and commands Nanika to send Illumi back home, much to the surprise of Illumi, who finds himself teleported to the Zoldyck's home.

Finally alone, Killua tells Nanika that she can't come out anymore and even commands her not to come out anymore, making Nanika cry. When Alluka wakes up, she scolds her brother for making Nanika cry and demands that he apologizes, which he's reluctant to do at first. However, Alluka then explains that in order to protect her, Killua must protect Nanika as well, and tells him that she would hate any brother that would be mean to Nanika, so Killua cries and apologizes to Nanika, asking her if she can forgive a failure of a brother like him. Without hesitation, Nanika hugs and forgives him. Tsubone, who is watching the scene, is moved to tears, and is informed by Kikyo that the lookout order on Killua has been cancelled.

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