Repentance (懺悔, Zange) is the 337th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


The Koala Chimera Ant talks with Kite telling her about his story, saying that before becoming a Chimera Ant he was a hit man for the mafia and his only orders were to pull triggers and kill people that he doesn't even know but he always followed the orders regardless moral implications. When he became a chimera ant his life didn't change a bit, his superior always ordered him to kill innocent people and he kills without hesitation. One day he and his group come across a little red-haired girl, and for the first time he felt that he wants to save that person and escape from the cycle of senseless violence he was always in.

But the other Chimera Ants run towards the red-haired girl and he despite praying for the girl salvation shoot her in the head killing her. Thinking that this would save her from the other Chimera Ants he realized that he was the same scum that he was in his previous life, because he could save the girl shooting at the other Chimera Ants and get attacked by all the Chimera Ants, but for fear he shoot her in order to do not compromise himself. Full of remorse he prayed incessantly for the rebirth of the girl as a Chimera Ants but also in this can't erase his sins. So he tells Kite his story because she really resemble that red-haired girl and in this way he tries to atone his sins and to find a meaning to his useless life but despite this he is wishful kill himself for remorse.

Kite then stops him before he run away and propose him to stay by her side forever and tries everyday to atone his sins living and protecting her. Then Gon appears and apologizes towards Kite for the Neferpitou's incident, and says that they both need more training and that next time he will protect her fighting by her side. Both of them smile and Kite says that she is delighted that Gon came to see her and that he should go after Ging, saying that when she will need help she will contact him and Killua. Then Gon and Kite along with the Amateur Hunters and Koala say goodbye to one another and Gon goes to find Ging. While Gon is departing the Koala apologies to Kite for being wishful kill himself for remorse and says that he will stay with her and try to live so that when he dies, he will not have any remorse.

Once returned to the Hunter Association Gon doesn't find Ging and Beans says that he tried to stop him but he already departed saying that he will wait for Gon at the top of the World Tree.

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