Stillness ((せい)(じゃく)()()()()()()()(), Seijaku) is the 339th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chap 339 - Gon talking with Ging after returning his Hunter License

Gon talking with Ging after returning his Hunter License

Gon continues to talk with Ging, who says that to go to the "outside" world, there is a minimum of four things you need to gain before you can even depart: permission, route, qualification, and negotiation. Even he himself still hasn't gotten them, and he then concludes by saying that even if he doesn't have any of those things yet, he's not in a rush anyway and that if Gon's future will be the same as his, he recommends that he enjoys the journey as much as he can. As the mother bird brings a fish for its young, Ging adds that sometimes the detours can be more important than the thing being hunted. After Gon gives back Ging's Hunter License that Kite had dropped on Whale Island, the two talk and laugh together throughout the night.

Back on Whale Island, Mito happily receives a postcard from Gon that shows the flight of Small-billed Swans behind him. In the Hunter Association's headquarters, Knov is seen with Morel and together the two buy a very expensive bottle of champagne with the money from their earlier bet, toasting in front of an image of the late Netero.

Swarm of Small Billed Swans

Gon and the others watching the Small-billed Swans

After Gon returns to Kite and the Amateur Hunters, he is seen admiring a wonderful flight of Small-billed Swans with them. He takes a picture of the view and sends copies to Knuckle, Shoot, Meleoron, Palm, and Ikalgo, who all happily sit in Shoot's hospital room. He also sends the picture to Killua and Alluka, and to Leorio. Leorio then tries to call Kurapika, but he doesn't answer. Kurapika stays seated and somberly looks at the eyes of the members of his clan.

At the Zoldyck estate, Canary and Amane make a grave for Gotoh. Amane seems to wonder about Killua, but as the two turn around, Gotoh suddenly appears and leaves Amane completely confused. He reveals that he is actually a Kiriko and is posing as Gotoh. It is implied that the Zoldycks recruited him in order to keep Gotoh's death a secret from Killua and Alluka. Lastly, in the abandoned palace of East Gorteau, Komugi and Meruem are shown with their hands still together, with two Gungi pieces beside them.

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