The First Candidate Accepted?! (合格第1号!?, Gōkaku Dai Ichi-gō!?) is the 34th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


The battle between Gon and Hanzo continues. Hanzo had just broken Gon's arm. Leorio is infuriated and tells Kurapika not to stop him from interfering. Kurapika is so mad that he has no such intention. Hanzo tells Gon he is a ninja that has been trained since he was born; he shows off by standing on one finger, but Gon takes advantage of that and kicks Hanzo across the room. Gon says there is only 6 years of difference between them, and the match is about who will give up first, not who is stronger. Hanzo says he let Gon kick him out of spite, though Leorio is quick to call him a liar.

He reveals a hidden blade from his sleeve and threatens to cut off Gon's leg. Gon remains stubborn, he doesn't want to surrender, yet he doesn't want to lose his leg. Hanzo is frustrated by his naivety. Gon warns Hanzo that if he cuts off his leg he may bleed to death, causing Hanzo to lose the match. Suddenly, the entire atmosphere seems a lot more lighthearted. Killua doesn't understand why the battle seems to have changed even though Gon did not get any stronger.

Hanzo gets serious. He stabs his blade slightly into Gon's forehead, causing it to bleed. Gon looks at him with determination in his eyes, unrelenting. Hanzo doesn't understand why the outcome of this match is even more important than his life. Gon tells him he wants to meet his father who is also a Hunter, and he feels if he lost this match he would never get another chance.

Finally, Hanzo decides to give up because he can't make Gon surrender. Gon is still not satisfied, because he thinks he has won unfairly, and insists on fighting under different terms. Hanzo is so annoyed by this that he punches Gon across the room, rendering him unconscious. Hanzo is worried if Gon won't accept his victory, then the rest of the matches will be meaningless. Netero thinks to himself this whole fight reminds him of a previous one, most likely Ging.

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