Light and Darkness, part 1 (光と闇(1), Hikari to Yami (1)) is the 35th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Gon wakes up and finds himself on a bed inside the resting room. Satotz sits by his bedside beside him and congratulates him for passing the Hunter Exam. He says that once a person is declared the winner and the decision will not be changed, and if Gon feels he is unworthy then he can throw away his Hunter License or sell it. Gon asks Satotz what kind of Hunter he is. Satotz explains he excavates ruins and preserves them. He tells the story of a Hunter who inspired him. This Hunter used his own fortune to accomplish a perfect renovation to preserve a certain ruins and his accomplishments are known throughout. Satotz hands Gon his license, and Gon says he will use it once he pays back what he owes to the people who helped him.

Gon inquires about the status of the exam. Satotz says the exam is over, and Gon asks who didn't pass. Satotz tells the story of what happened after he was knocked out. Killua asked Hanzo why he gave Gon the win instead of finding a way of torturing him into surrendering. Hanzo replied because there was no hatred in Gon's eyes.

The second match was between Kurapika and Hisoka. After the two fought for a while, Hisoka whispered something to Kurapika and then forfeited the match. The next match was between Hanzo and Pokkle, which turned out similar to Gon's battle, but Pokkle surrendered. Next, it was between Hisoka and Bodoro, an extremely one-sided match. Bodoro got knocked down, then Hisoka whispered something in his ear and Bodoro gave up. The fifth match was between Killua and Pokkle. Killua forfeited instantly because he felt Pokkle wasn't worth his time. The sixth match was between Leorio and Bodoro, but Leorio asked for a postponement due to Bodoro's wounds. Finally, it was a match between Killua and Gittarackur. At the start of the match, Gittarackur pulled the pins out of his face and revealed his true face as Killua's brother, Illumi.

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