Cold-Blooded (冷徹, Reitetsu) is the 353rd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


As many of the audience members run for the exits, Hisoka notices both antennae are gone and guesses that Chrollo reeled them in with something like a fishing line. Hisoka then looks toward the crowd and sees copies of several audience members, surmising that Gallery Fake must be activated, Convert Hands deactivated, and that Chrollo has taken another person's clothes to disguise himself. At that moment, a horde of audience members suddenly begins running toward Hisoka, all with stamps on their foreheads. Hisoka again works out Chrollo's order of moves:

Open book to Gallery Fake → Bookmark → Create a crowd of copies → Activate Order Stamp → Command them to "break Hisoka"

A horde of puppets pursuing Hisoka

He guesses that there are around 30 puppets (and more who haven't been given commands yet), and Chrollo could make even more given the time he has. As Hisoka quickly bungees to the ceiling, the puppets climb on top of one another and are within inches of grabbing him. Chrollo suddenly appears behind him, his outfit changed, and acts as if he's going to throw a punch, but quickly kicks Hisoka hard in the back of his head, sending him to the floor. As Hisoka is thrilled by Chrollo's skill, he fends off the puppets trying to decapitate him, but Chrollo uses this to his advantage, kicking him again and again whenever he can get an opening. This continues as Hisoka beheads two of the puppets and considers what Chrollo will do next. Suddenly Chrollo appears from above, ready to strike, and Hisoka uses Bungee Gum from his left hand on the severed head. He sends the head toward Chrollo, who easily dodges it and stomps Hisoka into the floor. But Hisoka was also prepared, and had used Bungee Gum from his left leg on the second severed head, which strikes Chrollo in the face.

Chapter Notes

  • Hisoka believes Chrollo must have reeled in Black Voice's antennas with something akin to a fishing line since they are real objects.
  • Chrollo uses a combination of Gallery Fake and Order Stamp to create multiple copies of the spectators and order them to kill Hisoka.

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