Unfortunate: Part 1 (遺憾 (1), Ikan (1)) is the 356th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Hisoka fighting off the horde of the puppets

In shock from the blast, Hisoka quickly realizes what Chrollo did as a bigger explosion goes off behind him, sending puppets flying. When Hisoka had severed the head earlier, Chrollo pretended to be reeling from the hit he had taken, but was actually keeping track of the body and turned it into a maximum-power bomb. Afterward, he had imprinted someone with the mark of the moon and manipulated them with Black Voice to touch the mark of the sun on the body, resulting in the explosion of both the body and its severed head. The gum Hisoka had attached from his left hand to the ceiling is gone, but he quickly regroups, using gum to bring a puppet toward him and twisting off its head. He then uses the body to fight off any approaching puppets and shoots a strand of gum from his left leg to the upper tier of the stadium. The horde of puppets again amass themselves to pursue Hisoka, but he pushes them back and continues to flee.

Chrollo gives a command to many of the puppets, telling them to go to the second floor to find Hisoka and to self-destruct when they get right next to him. Suddenly multiple puppets leap off the balcony and bring their hands together, causing an explosion that sends Hisoka flying across the stadium. His right lower leg was blown off, and so as he goes to use Bungee Gum with his left, an audience member is hurled into him by Chrollo from the other side. Chrollo continues to throw people at Hisoka to restrict his movement, eventually causing him to fall to the floor. As the horde begins surrounding Hisoka, he seems to use something of a last resort, bringing his arms close to the chest as an enormous explosion of puppets erupts around him.

Chapter Notes

  • Chrollo kept track of which body the severed head belonged to.
    • Hisoka concludes that Chrollo must've marked the body of the severed head with the plus sign and someone else with the minus sign, then manipulated that other person using Black Voice to touch the plus sign, turning the body and the severed head into a maximum powerbomb.
  • Hisoka loses his left leg in another explosion created by The Sun and Moon.
  • Hisoka is surrounded by a crowd of puppets before a large explosion engulfs them.

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