Unfortunate: Part 2 (遺憾 (2), Ikan (2)) is the 357th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


From a few blocks away, a news reporter describes the scene at Heavens Arena, saying that a large explosion just occurred as smoke is seen billowing from the top of the tower. With many people running about in the street below, firemen and paramedics make their way into the tower as the reporter likens the scene to a war zone. She says that a Floor Master battle was taking place with a members-only audience when the explosion happened, and that one of the fighters is believed to be responsible for it. The arena is shown with a large crater in the center as paramedics attend to audience members and search through the rubble. Finally, the reporter mentions that there have been several casualties, including Hisoka, and that an investigation is currently being undertaken to discover the exact cause of the incident.

Hisoka's dead body is then seen as Shalnark, Kortopi, and Machi stand over it. Shalnark explains that around 200 puppets swarmed to decapitate Hisoka before the bomb puppets could get to him, and that these had a cushioning effect. He says that Hisoka ultimately suffocated from lack of oxygen because of the blast and all the puppets around him. Kortopi asks Machi if she's coming, and Shalnark adds that they've confirmed Hisoka's death. Machi says that since he paid her in advance, she will tend to his wounds before she leaves. Kortopi brings up the fact that Machi wouldn't accept money when Hisoka was fighting Chrollo, and Shalnark says that Machi is a good person at heart.

Machi seeing Hisoka's post-mortem Nen

The other two Spiders make their exit, and Machi closes Hisoka's eyes, looking at the severe damage around his neck and saying that she will clean up his face as well. She thanks him for helping to exorcise Chrollo, pulling out a strand of thread to begin stitching him up. But as she leans in closer, aura suddenly swells around his corpse, and Machi is left stunned at first, but quickly remembers that post-mortem Nen can become stronger. Hisoka's heart begins to beat as his hand is seen clutching it and he begins to breathe again.

Flashback to the end of the fight when Hisoka is lying helpless on the floor as hundreds of puppets swarm around him. He says that he might as well try something if he's going to die, and he addresses his ability by name, asking it to return to life after he dies. He beseeches it to pump his heart and lungs, and to move all across his body to revive him. The explosion occurs, and back in the present, Hisoka's eyes fly open as he spits out blood and quickly rises to his feet. With a surprised look on his face, he sees Machi kneeling beside him and says hello, asking her if he was really dead. She confirms it, and he begins to chuckle, admitting that he bit off more than he could chew by fighting Chrollo.

Machi hopes that he learned his lesson and tells him to pick his battles next time. She offers to stitch him up, but he quickly declines, using Bungee Gum to stop the bleeding around his neck and face. He then uses Texture Surprise to recreate the flesh that was blown off in the explosion, covering up the damage to his face and making rubber prostheses for his left hand and right leg. Machi says that he doesn't need her then and begins to leave. Hisoka tells her that he has actually decided not to pick his battles. Machi shrugs off the comment and continues to walk away, but Hisoka suddenly appears behind her and says "not with the Spiders," wrapping his arms around her and then immobilizing her with Bungee Gum. He asks her to tell the rest of the Troupe that he will fight any of them until he's killed them all. Now enraged, Machi says he has no chance and threatens to kill him. He takes her response as a yes and calmly walks way as she angrily yells for him to let her go and continues to threaten him. Hisoka playfully tells her to get it off herself, and Machi seethes even more.

Chrollo is seen walking through a busy street and talking on the phone with someone about the Kakin Royal Family, who are inviting civilian passengers on their journey to the New Continent. He says that they will steal the considerable treasure on board, and it's revealed that he's talking to Shalnark, who says that they will also get a nice trip out of it. Chrollo asks him if he wants his cell phone back, but says that the antennae are gone. Shalnark is fine with it since he doesn't need to use it for now, and Chrollo says that he will give it back to him when they board the ship. Shalnark says okay and is glad that the whole Troupe can get together after so long.

Shalnark and Kortopi killed by Hisoka

Hanging up, Shalnark wonders why Kortopi is taking so long in the bathroom, thinking that he may be taking a dump. His phone begins to ring as he suddenly sees Hisoka leaving the bathroom and carrying something in his hand. Shalnark immediately drops his phone and begins to run toward Hisoka, who tosses Kortopi's decapitated head toward him. Shalnark quickly catches it, and as he looks at the face of his dead friend, Hisoka dashes forward and knocks him to the ground with an extremely powerful strike. With blood running from his nose and mouth all down his shirt, Shalnark's corpse is then seen tied to a swing, with Kortopi's severed head lying at his feet as several crows nip at both of them. Hisoka proudly says that with two down, there are ten to go.

Chapter Notes

  • The large crowd of puppets trying to decapitate Hisoka ended up having a cushioning effect against the "bomb puppets" who surrounded him later.
    • The cause of Hisoka's death was suffocation from the lack of oxygen due to the blast and the mass of flesh surrounding his body.
  • Machi, Shalnark, and Kortopi are confirmed to have been in Heavens Arena watching the battle between Chrollo and Hisoka.
  • Hisoka's aura re-emerges from his corpse akin to Nen that intensifies after death.
    • Hisoka ordered his Bungee Gum to pump his heart and lungs after his death to revive himself.
  • After his revival, Hisoka recreates his missing limbs using both Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise.
  • Chrollo will be gathering the Phantom Troupe on board the Black Whale to steal the treasures of the Kakin royal family.
  • Hisoka kills Kortopi and Shalnark.
    • He leaves a message with Machi that he plans to hunt and kill all the remaining Spiders.

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