Departure (出航, Shukkō) is the 359th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


The Black Whale sets off for the Dark Continent. It will take 2 months, passing through regular waters before entering the more volatile conditions in Lake Mobius. It will make a nominal stop at the New Continent to avoid public outcry and then it will head to the dark waters. The different parties on the ship are working out their various affairs. Kurapika and the other guards find the exsanguinated corpse of Woody, a guard. Kurapika demands to know if the guards can use Nen, but they all claim they haven't even heard of it. Some guards chastise Kurapika for mentioning Nen, believing that their mission was simply to protect Queen Oito and Prince Woble.

The royal family attends a banquet, with the royal attendees believing that they will kill their siblings and win. Prince Kacho, Melody's employer, forms an alliance with Prince Fugetsu and acts like a diva; the latter action is discovered by Melody to be a facade. Kurapika comes across more murdered guards, prompting him to use his chain and interrogate the people in the room.

Chapter NotesEdit

  • The Black Whale departs.
  • The two-month trip to the pretend New Continent is further elaborated upon:
    • 3 weeks will be spent in the known world's Territorial Waters.
      • A refuel and a final check will be carried out before sailing into the Uncharted Waters.
    • 5 weeks will be spent in the Uncharted Waters where severe storms, waterspouts and fluctuations in the weather take place, as well as the presence of flying creatures.
    • This is the official voyage and the goal for the Kakin royal family and the general passengers.
  • After reaching the New Continent, the Zodiacs will move out to Morel's ship and head for the Gate where the Gatekeeper awaits.
    • A staging base will be set in small island on their way to the Gate.
      • There Knov will oversee the distribution of supplies and personnel. While Tokarine will handle the transport from the Dark Continent back to the base.
  • Steiner hints that the Labyrinthine City is their destination on the Dark Continent.
  • The current International Permit Agencies (IPA) director is one of the unofficial "sole survivors" from the trips to the Dark Continent.
  • The Zodiacs current locations are shown:
    • Mizaistom is in Tier 4's Kakin royal army conference room.
    • Saccho, Saiyu, and Kanzai are watching over Beyond in a holding cell in Tier 1.
      • Saccho plans to suggest a rotation to Mizaistom so one of them can go support the royal army.
    • Pyon, Cluck, Ginta, and Gel, alongside Tokarine and Sanbica are in Tier 3's first-class cabin.
    • Cheadle and Leorio are in Tier 3's central medical clinic.
    • Botobai is in Tier 3's central courthouse.
  • The other recruited Hunters in Prince Woble's (14th) quarters were not informed about the succession battle.
  • Five of Queen Oito's (8th) royal guards are killed after having their blood drained out.
  • Prince Kacho (10th) plans to work together with her twin sister Prince Fugetsu (11th) to kill the other princes.
    • If they're the only two left, Kacho plans to convince their father to let Fugetsu live.
  • Kurapika points his gun and Dowsing Chain at the people in the room to interrogate them.

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