"There's no fire in you, just darkness. It sustains you, drains you of any desire. Your only joy is in causing death, and even that is fleeting."

— Illumi Zoldyck, to Killua

Light and Darkness, part 2 (光と闇(2), Hikari to Yami (2)) is the 36th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Gittarackur turned out to be Killua's older brother, Illumi. By only seeing him, it made Killua nervous. Illumi eagerly talked about Killua's attack on his mother and brother. He also mentioned that their mother is proud yet confused as to why Killua ran away. She feared Killua would like to become a Hunter so she sent Illumi. Killua told his brother that he never wanted to become a Hunter, which made Illumi assured.

Illumi then started to psychologically manipulate his younger brother by making him think that he is only a killer. He continued to tell Killua he has neither passion nor desire. Killua replied that he wanted something—which is to become friends with Gon. He wanted to have fun like a normal kid and didn't want to kill anymore. Illumi explained it's impossible, only saying Gon amazes Killua and that is why he is interested in him. Leorio suddenly butted in their conversation, stating that Killua and Gon are already friends and what Killua should do is to defeat Illumi. Illumi is bothered by the fact they are already friends, so he decides to kill Gon. He even goes so far as to attack the judge to find out where Gon is. As Illumi tried to leave the room, Killua froze on the spot, clearly intimidated by his brother. The other examinees stood by the door so Illumi could not be able to kill Gon. Illumi then decided to defeat Killua first and then kill Gon.

Illumi approached Killua reaching out his hand toward Killua's forehead. Killua petrified, tried to escape, but Illumi threatened him that if he moved an inch, their match would begin. If Killua didn't fight him, Gon would surely die. Killua admitted defeat, to everyone's surprise. Illumi smiled at him and patted his shoulder. He claimed that he never wanted to kill Gon. He instructed Killua that he should continue on following his orders. After that, Killua became silent. Leorio was then matched up against Bodoro, but he was instantly killed by Killua. Gon rushes to the meeting and tries to confront Illumi Zoldyck.

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