Parasite (寄生, Kisei) is the 360th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Two of Woble's guards revealing the truth

While interrogating the bodyguards and servants with his gun and Dowsing Chain drawn, Kurapika reveals that the true nature of the voyage is a battle of succession between the Princes of Kakin. One of the guards asks if his chain can really detect if someone is lying, and Kurapika remains steadfast. He goes through them one by one, asking each if they knew about it. Eventually, two of them admit that they did and also confess to not being fully aligned with Prince Woble. Queen Oito orders Kurapika to shoot both of them on the spot, but he asks her to stay calm and says that they need to hear what they have to say. The two guards are tied to chairs, and Kurapika asks them if the five guards who were killed were also not on Woble's side. One of them says that they were each serving someone else, explaining that since Oito is the lowest-ranked Queen, the other seven Queens were using their own guards as informants to make sure that she wasn't plotting anything. He explains the system in further detail, and the other guard assures Kurapika that their job was to protect Woble, as long as the safety of their own Queen and her Prince wasn't jeopardized.

Kurapika asks them if they were told to assassinate Woble, but the two assure him that even with the battle for succession, they still have to follow the rule of law. Kurapika is confused, asking if it was the King that allowed this, and one of the guards says that they didn't understand how serious things were until they saw Woody's body and heard about Nen, finally realizing that the Princes themselves will be involved in the contest. Oito is confused, and the guards ask her if Woble took part in the Seed Urn Ceremony, saying that that was probably the mechanism used to bestow Nen abilities. Oito yells that it's just an old tradition, and Kurapika again tells her to stay calm, explaining that Woble senses her anxiety as danger and that she may have attacked in self-defense. He is unsure if Woble is acting in response to one of the informant guards, or if it's the result of another Prince targeting Woble and her inner circle because she is the youngest and weakest. He asks Oito when the ceremony was, and she says a little over a month ago. One of the guards says that that wouldn't be enough time for Woble to be able to do something like this, but another interjects by saying that if the Nen is parasitic, it may be possible.

Several Nen beasts entering the room

All of a sudden, some small creatures start crawling over the two restrained guards, both of whom are unable to see them. The others are left in disbelief as the room becomes infested with Guardian Spirit Beasts entering through the walls and ceiling. Kurapika watches them in dismay and realizes that these are the worm toxins from the ceremony, remarking that it seems like they're not being controlled by anyone. He runs over to a nearby phone and makes an emergency call through all channels, checking in with his fellow Hunters to see if they are also witnessing this. Melody reports that her section is clear, but Biscuit confirms the sighting of Nen beasts as well, adding that her section is now clear. Kurapika picks up on the "now" part, wondering if that means that Marayam's Nen beasts are here. He asks Biscuit if Marayam is okay, and she gives the all-clear, saying that he's fine and completely unaware. Kurapika realizes that the Princes don't know about the abilities from the ceremony, stunned that they are supposed to kill one another when they're not truly aware of what's going on and wondering why they can't see the Nen beasts if they gained Nen. Biscuit confirms that the guards, servants, and Prince can't see them, saying that the Nen is parasitic.

Kurapika asks Bill if the parasite-type Nen acts like a curse, and he confirms this, saying that it feeds on the host's aura, with the host left unaware and unable to control them. He goes on to say that the host will feel fatigued as their aura is drained, and Kurapika asks him if he wants out since the situation has become this dangerous. Bill remains steadfast, saying that their job is to protect Woble and Oito and that he won't resign. He adds that he and Kurapika will need to keep each other updated to protect the two better.

The Guardian Spirit Beasts finally leave the room, except for one sticking to Sayird, which asks him to let it know when he's free, leaving Sayird scared and confused. Bill explains to Kurapika that their real mission is to make it to the Dark Continent with Beyond, but says that they won't neglect this current mission. He worries about the danger of Kurapika's mission to make contact with Tserriednich, but Kurapika assures him that he has the Queen's consent and that their safety is still his top priority. Bill is left unsure and says that their safety has to be the priority. Kurapika presses the point and says that to truly keep them safe, they should find a way to escape the battle for succession entirely. Bill replies that it's a possibility and assures Oito that they currently have three ways to escape.

Sayird forced by a Nen beast to kill

One of the servants suddenly screams out, and Kurapika and the others run back to the main room to see what happened. They find that Sayird has stabbed the two restrained guards and one other. Kurapika tells Oito to stand back, asking the others what happened. The servant says that he just picked up the knife and attacked them. Bill confronts Sayird, who says that since he was free, it asked him to do it. With the bloody knife still in hand, he begins walking toward Bill, who quickly draws his gun and yells at him to stop. Kurapika approaches and says that he will stop Sayird and take him alive, telling Bill to look after Oito in the meantime.

Chapter Notes

  • Kurapika informs everyone in the room about the succession battle. Only the royal guards knew about it beforehand.
    • The seven royal guards were chosen by the seven higher queens to spy on Queen Oito (8th).
      • Their job still includes protecting Prince Woble (14th) as long as it doesn't threaten the safety of their clients.
  • Multiple Guardian Spirit Beasts appear in Prince Woble's quarters.
  • Kurapika reveals his name in an emergency call using all channels. He announces that multiple Nen beasts appeared in his quarter.
  • The princes are not aware of the Guardian Spirit Beasts' existence.
  • The Guardian Spirit Beasts are parasitic type.
  • Bill suggests there are 3 ways for Queen Oito and Prince Woble to escape the threats of the succession battle.
  • Sayird is controlled by a Guardian Spirit Beast which influences him to kill Kurton and the two remaining royal guards.
  • Kurapika plans to restrain Sayird without killing him.

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