Withdraw (辞退, Jitai) is the 361st chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chap 361 - Kurapika disarming Sayird

Kurapika disarming Sayird

Sayird charges with a knife in hand, and Kurapika uses his chain to restrain his arm, then slamming him to the ground and pinning him down. He asks Bill whether Sayird's ability is needed in the three ways they can escape the ship, and Bill reveals that they needed Kurton's Conjuration ability, which allowed him to transform into a ship or car that could carry five passengers (though he needed to use their aura as well). Kurapika tries to ask Sayird about his Nen, but he just says that he wasn't free and that he was forced to do it. Kurapika looks to Bill, who says that he can't tell him about Sayird's ability without his consent. Kurapika stresses how necessary it is and reminds him that he said Woble and Oito's safety was his top priority. Bill gives in and tells him that Sayird is an Emitter, whose ability involves Manipulation and allows him to send out a ball of Nen to capture and control an insect.

Kurapika says that the ability could be useful and he extends the chain on his index finger with a syringe at the end. A flashback to a conversation with his mentor Izunavi, who tells Kurapika to keep one of his chains empty for the time being. He worries about Kurapika fighting by himself and stresses the importance of synergies and combination attacks. Kurapika remains resolved to fight alone, and Izunavi finally recommends that when he finds himself struggling, he should add an ability that will compensate for the lack of help. He dissects Kurapika's personality and again stresses that he will need allies to take on high-class bounties. Kurapika interprets his use of allies to mean sacrificial pawns, and Izunavi assures him that he will realize the truth when he's fighting side by side with someone else.

Back in the present, Kurapika recognizes that Izunavi was right, but realizes how important it is to fight by himself to avoid endangering the safety of his friends; reflecting on his memories with Gon, Killua, and Leorio. The syringe enters Sayird's chest, and Kurapika uses Steal Chain to temporarily take Sayird's ability, extracting his aura and explaining to Bill that it will keep him in a Zetsu-like state. By extracting Sayrid's aura, he also hopes that it will force the parasite to leave him once it doesn't have a food source. Bill is concerned that Sayird will be vulnerable if he's essentially in Zetsu, and Kurapika again stresses that Woble and Oito's safety is their top priority and that getting this information is invaluable right now.

Steal Chain2

Kurapika using Stealth Dolphin

As Bill is left stunned, and Kurapika informs him of the risks if either of them should fall victim to a Nen beast, a small creature begins to crawl out of Sayird's ear and makes its escape. Kurapika readies the chain on his index finger and activates Emperor Time, summoning Stealth Dolphin and loading Sayird's ability. As the creature makes its way toward an air vent, Stealth Dolphin analyzes the ability and says it's called Little Eye, confirming Bill's description, but adding that it doesn't work on Nen-conjured creatures. Kurapika recognizes that Little Eye can't take over an enemy's ability, and the small creature escapes into the vent. He wonders if the Nen beast controls people using a keyword, but realizes that it won't work on those without Nen, including Princes, since they won't be able to hear the Nen beast.

Stealth Dolphin asks Kurapika to find a target for Little Eye and says that Emperor Time will have to remain active until the ability is activated or they are dismissed. Kurapika tells them to stand by and has Bill tie Sayird to a chair to interrogate him. Sayird says that once he talked to the bigger version, the small creature kept bugging him and asking if he's free. He eventually gave in and said he was, and he tells them that he lost control of his body at that moment. The Royal Army arrives and carries out the dead in body bags, with one of the soldiers asking for the suspect to be handed over for questioning. Sayird asks about his ability, and Kurapika tells him that it's in his syringe. Sayird says that he can keep it, but Kurapika tells him that it will be returned automatically after it's used once. Sayird tells him more about the ability, saying that he can only control creatures no bigger than a hamster and that he gets any information they see and hear. He tells Kurapika to be careful and to use the ability well, hoping he catches the culprit.

As the soldiers lead Sayird away, two servants approach Kurapika and say that they can't take it anymore, asking to quit. And so only two hours after the Black Whale departed, Woble and Oito are left with just two guards and two servants. Kurapika asks Bill about the two other ways to escape without Kurton's ability, and he says that one needs Pariston's help and will be difficult, and the other needs Beyond's help and will be even more difficult.

In Momoze's quarters, Queen Sevanti assures the guards that only six of them need to be with Momoze since Marayam needs more protection to feel safe. Hanzo watches on and feels sorry that Momoze can hear all of this. Sevanti asks Momoze if she can take care of herself, and the Prince says not to worry about her, telling two of the guards to relax in the other room. The guards appreciate her words, but stay at their posts. Momoze feels sorry for her mother and brother, saying that those not fit to be King are overwhelmed by fear. She sits knitting in a chair, and her Nen beast is seen sitting behind her, facing the other way (the same creature that initially talked to Sayird). The two guards realize that they have to handle the Prince's meals, and one of them is extremely impressed by the other's cooking.

Chap 361 - Halkenberg's Nen beast

Halkenburg asking to withdraw from the succession contest

Halkenburg is seen attending a banquet, and someone informs him that it's time to leave. Nugui catches sight of him, and Halkenburg says that he just wants to say hello to his father. The King finishes his conversation with someone and asks his son what's wrong. As his cyclops-like Nen beast is shown resting on his shoulders, Halkenburg declares that he wants to withdraw from the contest, saying that he only agreed to participate to show respect and that he doesn't want a bloody throne. The King smiles and says that Halkenburg can do as he wishes.

Chapter Notes

  • Kurapika's "Index Finger Chain" is revealed.
    • Steal Chain has the ability to drain its target's aura, forcing that person into a state similar to Zetsu, as well as temporarily stealing one of his/her abilities up to one use.
  • Kurapika restrains Sayird and steals his Nen ability "Little Eye".
    • Sayird's Little Eye launches a Nen ball at small living creatures, capturing and gaining control over them.
      • The largest creature he can manipulate is about the size of a hamster.
  • Kurapika can't use his "Index Finger Chain" to steal parasitic type Nen creatures.
  • Two hours have passed since the departure of the Black Whale.
  • Prince Woble's (14th) quarter is down to two guards and two servants from eleven guards and four servants.
    • Sayird is arrested by the royal army for killing three guards.
    • The two other servants quit.
  • Queen Sevanti (7th) orders Prince Momoze's (12th) personal guards and servants to protect her brother Prince Marayam (13th) instead, leaving her only with the royal guards chosen by the higher queens.
  • The hamster-like Guardian Spirit Beast belongs to Prince Momoze.
  • The three methods of escape Bill mentioned in the previous chapter requires the help of:
    • Kurton, who could've used his symbiotic type Nen ability to transform into a ship or a car capable of carrying up to five passengers. Though he required other people's aura.
      • This is not possible anymore after Kurton's death.
    • Pariston Hill
    • Beyond Netero
  • Prince Halkenburg's (9th) Guardian Spirit Beast is revealed.
  • Prince Halkenburg wants to withdraw from the succession battle.
    • King Nasubi tells him to do as he wishes.

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