Resolve (決意, Ketsui) is the 362nd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Bill discusses the key issue surrounding countering Nen parasites which is the parasite's propensity to being made through the host's thoughts and feelings. Oito states that the First through the Fifth Princes lust the battle.

Meanwhile, Tserriednich and Tubeppa agree to an alliance as the lower-ranked Princes are either unwilling or unable to fight, and the top 3 Princes have massive character flaws. Nasubi monologue explains the rules regarding the usage of Guardian Spirit Beasts as follows:

  1. Guardian Spirit Beasts may not kill each other.
  2. Guardian Spirit Beasts may not directly attack other Guardian Spirit Beast bearers.

His monologue goes on to explain that Guardian Spirit Beasts are designed to protect the princes, but it is up to the princes themselves to figure out how to kill their brethren. During the Era of Warring Chiefs, Nasubi's ancestor created the pot, and his children helped build the Kakin Empire to what it is today. The Guardian Spirit Beasts are supposed to protect the one who possesses the legacy of the Hui Guo Rou family: one who has foresight, carefulness, and strong planning abilities.

Chap 362 - Theta and Sacred Beast

Theta and Tserriednich's Guardian Spirit Beast

Theta discusses how she will instruct Tserriednich to stay in his quarters without leaking the secret of Nen to him with Salkov. Salkov suggests that she inform him about Nen, but train him to use it in an inefficient way, such as having him use his weakest Nen type in combat. Luzurus and Tyson become aware of Nen and the Guardian Spirit Beasts that surround them. Halkenburg is horrified as he stumbles upon the unconscious bodies of all eleven of his bodyguards. Theta is confronted by Tserriednich and his Guardian Spirit Beast, and he begins interrogating her about Nen. Theta admits that she is both aware of it and capable of using it.

Chapter Notes

  • Prince Tubeppa (5th) forms an alliance with Prince Tserriednich (4th).
  • The Guardian Spirit Beasts of Princes Benjamin (1st), Camilla (2nd), Zhang Lei (3rd), Tserriednich, Tubeppa, Tyson (6th), Luzurus (7th), and Salé-salé (8th) are revealed.
  • Guardian Spirit Beasts do not kill each other or directly attack other Guardian Spirit Beasts' bearers.
  • Theta and Salkov are the only bodyguards on Prince Tserriednich's side who can use Nen.
    • Theta plans to teach Tserriednich Nen by herself in order to hinder his growth and potential for evil.
  • Prince Luzurus shows no interest in learning Nen due to the extensive time needed to master it.
  • Prince Luzurus plans to target Prince Tubeppa first.
  • Prince Halkenburg (9th) is startled upon seeing all his bodyguards knocked out unconscious under mysterious circumstances.

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