Synchronization (同期, Dōki) is the 367th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Kurapika, Oito, Bill, and Shimano search for a small insect on which to use Little Eye. Kurapika says that the man sent by Tubeppa will arrive soon, worrying that they won't have enough time to continue their search. Sakata and Slakka both wonder what they're looking for, and Sakata remembers them saying that Nen allows someone to see things they normally can't, but he wonders if they're just pretending to look for something to throw them off. Their search is cut short when Maor arrives, and Kurapika tells Bill to let him in.

Agreeing to divulge the nature of Nen to everyone at the same time in the guard anteroom, Kurapika tells Bill to watch over Woble and Oito, and Bill realizes that he picked the farthest room so that they can continue their search. Babimyna insists that Oito and Woble attend as well since one of his duties is to guard the Prince. Kurapika agrees and tells Oito to follow him, and Bill knows that he and Shimano will look for the insect in the meantime. Kurapika says that they will have to move the discussion to the bedroom now since the anteroom was where the violent deaths took place.

When pressed by Babimyna to explain why he keeps moving rooms, Kurapika lies and says that it was to reduce the stress on Oito and to make her as comfortable as possible. Maor agrees with his assessment, and Babimyna gives in. Kurapika asks Maor if he's fine with so many attending the discussion, and he says that he just wants to hear the information about Nen, saying that its value depends on how it's used. Kurapika explains how the Princes acquired Guardian Spirit Beasts via the Seed Urn Ceremony. He explains that these Nen beasts feed on the Princes' aura, with their form depending on the nature of their Prince. As he goes on to say that each Nen beast will protect their Prince (though it's not guaranteed that this is their top priority), Oito notices a cockroach on the wall and stares at it, drawing everyone else's attention to it.

Chap 367 - Bill captures the roach

Bill pretending to use Little Eye

The others are confused about why Oito and Kurapika seem so preoccupied with a bug, and Oito suddenly orders them to take the disgusting thing somewhere else. Kurapika wonders how they can activate the ability in front of the others, especially Babimyna, and he calls Bill and Shimano over from the other room. He orders Bill to catch the cockroach with Nen, telling the others that this will showcase its capabilities. Bill is left confused, but as Kurapika explains more to the others, he realizes that Oito will use the ability, but the others will think it's from him. He pretends to shoot aura at the cockroach as Oito activates Little Eye, saying that only she and Kurapika can see Stealth Dolphin. The aura strikes the cockroach, and Stealth Dolphin informs Oito that she can now control the bug at will. The others look on at the motionless cockroach and wonder if they're just making things up.

Oito requests to rest, and Kurapika realizes that this will allow her to control the cockroach without anyone thinking that she's the one doing it. Bill has the cockroach move in specific ways to prove that it's being controlled by Nen. The others are stunned to see that Bill can control it so precisely, and Kurapika goes into further detail about the power of Nen, asking Babimyna if he has anything to add or clarify. Babimyna says that Kurapika's explanation sounds good, but knows that the others want to know how quickly they can learn Nen. Kurapika tells the guards that they would be able to learn the basics in two weeks, allowing them to not be defenseless against a Nen attack. Slakka wonders if Kurapika is going to coach everyone, and Kurapika says he will do so on the condition that they tell all the other Princes and ask them if they want to send their guards.

Chap 367 - Marayam's room

Oito using Little Eye to spy on Marayam

Babimyna realizes that Kurapika is willing to do this much to force a stalemate, understanding that he will be difficult to deal with. He also notices that Bill released the cockroach through a vent, making him realize that the captured creatures can be used for reconnaissance. As Babimyna becomes resolved to discover Kurapika's ability next, Kurapika senses that Babimyna is using En all over Woble's quarters. He believes that Babimyna probably knows what Bill is doing and worries that he will find out that it was Oito who was using the ability. The cockroach scurries through the air vents, and Oito has it head for Marayam's quarters so she can confirm his Nen beast and see where his guards and servants are stationed. The cockroach enters Marayam's room, and Oito sees Marayam, his mother, one guard, and the Prince's Nen beast: a large dragon-like creature behind him.

Chapter Notes

  • Maor arrives at Prince Woble's (14th) quarter.
  • Kurapika exchanges information about Nen and the Guardian Spirit Beasts with all guards present in the room.
  • Queen Oito (8th) activates Kurapika's stolen ability "Little Eye" and captures a cockroach.
    • She manipulates the cockroach to enter Prince Marayam's (13th) room.
    • Babimyna, Slakka, Hashito, Sakata, and Maor however believe it was Bill who activated Little Eye after Kurapika had asked him to demonstrate Nen.
      • Babimyna deduces that Bill's "ability" captures animals for surveillance.
  • Kurapika claims it’ll take the guards two weeks to learn the basics of Nen.
    • He will teach everyone who wishes to participate.
  • Babimyna is using En over the entire room 1014.

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