Limits (限界, Genkai) is the 369th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chap 369 - Oito passed out

Kurapika realizing that Emperor Time is still active

The Black Whale is seen making its way across the sea at night, and it's stated that 18 hours have passed since the ship departed. In Woble's quarters, Kurapika regains consciousness, and Bill is relieved, saying that he was worried about the risk of calling a doctor. Kurapika quickly sits up and asks for the time, but Bill quiets him down, saying that the others don't know that he fell unconscious. Kurapika asks how long he was out, and Bill says around nine hours, leaving Kurapika stunned. He asks about Oito, and Bill tells him that she blacked out around the same time. Kurapika looks over to see her lying in bed, with Shimano by her side, and he suddenly spots Stealth Dolphin still active above her. He realizes that Emperor Time has been active for 12 hours, and Oito sits up to ask Shimano about Woble.

As Bill recognizes that Kurapika seems to push himself past his limits and that the person sharing the ability goes down with him, Kurapika wonders to himself if Emperor Time's limit is three hours, and if he blacks out for three times as long once he exceeds that. He also considers the possibility that the time limit depends on the ability taken and surmises that a rapid heartbeat is the warning sign before the blackout. He approaches Oito, and she knows that she has to keep doing reconnaissance, asking if she should continue from Momoze. But Kurapika explains that he underestimated how difficult it would be to handle his ability and tells her that it was the cause of the blackout. He decides to change the order in which they investigate the Princes, telling her to check on Tserriednich and his staff next. Oito comments on Kurapika's condition, asking him if he's okay, and he says that he isn't sure, but tells her that she should order Stealth Dolphin to deactivate the moment he gives the signal.

Oito bluntly asks him if starting with Tserriednich is for his own convenience, taking the others off guard, but Kurapika explains that it has strategic value, saying that Benjamin would have to be last since his soldiers are most likely Nen users and that Camilla's guards probably know Nen as well since she didn't respond to the training offer. He goes on to say that she already has someone with a recon ability and thinks that sending Slakka (connected to her mother Duazul) is enough. He also explains that Camilla could have that much control over her camp, and Shimano confirms this, saying that only the King can express opinions to her. Kurapika finishes his defense by saying that they already have a connection to Zhang Lei, and so Tserriednich should be their priority since they know nothing about his camp.

Chap 369 - Woble bonding with Kurapika

Woble bonding with Kurapika

With Oito still unsure, Kurapika drops down on one knee and assures her that they are there to protect her and Woble, asking her to trust him. Shimano suddenly directs Oito's attention to Woble, who is seen reaching out to Kurapika and trying to speak. Kurapika touches her hand and asks her what she thinks, and Woble seems happy as Oito looks on.

Oito sends the cockroach through the air vents to Tserriednich's quarters, making sure not to get lost and not wanting to increase the burden on Kurapika. But as the roach turns a corner, the faces of Tserriednich's Guardian Spirit Beast suddenly appear and open their mouths, causing Oito to scream out in terror. The others immediately rush to her room, but Kurapika says that it was a nightmare, telling them to return to their stations. Once alone, Oito explains that she saw a woman's face appear out of nowhere and guesses that the bug was eaten. Stealth Dolphin announces that Little Eye was deactivated, and Oito tells this to Kurapika, who then tells her to order Stealth Dolphin to deactivate.

Kurapika realizes that the Nen beast must have been watching the vents to protect the Prince, upset that he wasted nine hours for nothing. A pain suddenly shoots down through Kurapika's whole body, and he says that he hoped the physical toll would have lessened after the limitations he placed on it, realizing how careful he has to be in wielding such a dangerous double-edged sword. Oito approaches him and apologizes for before, but Kurapika thanks her for taking on the task. Hesitating for a moment, she asks him if he could teach her Nen as well so she can better deal with things. Kurapika apologizes, leaving Oito confused, but he explains that his ability forcibly awakens Nen in someone without it, revealing that she can already use Nen.

It's 9 a.m. on the second day of the voyage, and the guards and servants of several Princes convene in Woble's room to learn Nen, with each having their own goals and thoughts about the class. Sevanti told Belerainte to report back if things are taught incorrectly and instructs Barrigen, who is glad to have been chosen over Vergei, to learn Nen in the given amount of time. Two servants of Fugetsu are wondering why they are there, but two servants of Kacho are happy to be away from their Prince. Two of Halkenburg's guards, told by the Prince to learn what Nen beasts are, look at the feather marks on their hands, saying that it must be from the Prince's Nen beast and show his resolve.

Mushaho from Salé-salé's camp realizes the importance of the mission, and Satobi from Luzurus' camp relishes the chance to speak with other guards, but worries that they're being manipulated by the person running the class. Maor and Longhi, sent by Tubeppa to recruit Kurapika (and Woble's whole camp if possible), discuss the situation and think that using a letter would be the best way to negotiate in secret. Ordered by Tserriednich to kill everyone involved if they don't learn Nen in two weeks, Myuhan is eagerly excited, but Danjin tells him he can't avoid learning on purpose. Told by Zhang Lei to watch anyone who talks with Kurapika since he is the key player, Tenftory decides that he should be wary of the First, Fourth, and Fifth Princes.

Chap 369 - Silent Majority preparing to strike

Silent Majority preparing to strike

Furykov, one of Benjamin's guards, already knows how to use Nen, but is happy that he will get to learn the enemy's type and abilities. He expresses extreme confidence in his ability to detect Nen users, saying that the difference lies around a person's eyes when seen in profile. He looks around and says that the Hunter can obviously use it, but spots four others who are pretending they can't. He remains confident in invoking self-defense, saying that he will use it if they activate their abilities. As Furykov prepares himself for a possible attack, an unknown figure is shown watching him from the back of the room. They realize his intentions from his aura alone and prepare to activate Silent Majority.

Chapter Notes

  • Eighteen hours have passed since the voyage started, denoting the second day on the Black Whale.
  • Kurapika wakes up after being unconscious for about 9 hours.
    • Queen Oito (8th) fell unconscious for the same amount of time as her condition is linked to Kurapika's via Stealth Dolphin.
  • Since Emperor Time has been on for about 12 hours, Kurapika lost approximately five years from his lifespan.
  • Kurapika comes to the conclusion that Emperor Time has a time limit of 3 hours.
    • Different stolen abilities might have different time limits.
    • After regaining consciousness, the same ability might take less than 3 hours before he blacks out again.
    • Going beyond that time limit will cause him and the person linked with the stolen ability to pass out for three times as long. (3 × 3 = 9 hrs)
    • The deafening heart pound is a sign of him approaching that limit.
  • Queen Oito deactivates Stealth Dolphin after the manipulated cockroach was eaten by Prince Tserriednich's (4th) Guardian Spirit Beast.
  • Queen Oito is now able to use Nen after her aura nodes were forcibly opened from using Stealth Dolphin.
  • Sixteen people (12 bodyguards and 4 servants) gather at Prince Woble's (14th) living quarters to attend Kurapika's Nen training.
    • Two of the bodyguards (Furykov and Belerainte) are Nen users.
    • Furykov claims there are 4 people among the fifteen (excluding the Hunter, Belerainte) who pretend to not be able to use Nen.
  • Tserriednich commands his bodyguards (Myuhan and Danjin) to kill everyone in the room if they're unable to learn Nen in 2 weeks.
  • An unknown person activates an ability called Silent Majority in Woble's living quarters.

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