Balance (均衡(バランス), Baransu) is the 378th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chap 378 - Brocco talks to Onior

Brocco discussing business with Onior

Upon hearing of the presence of the Phantom Troupe on the Black Whale, Onior Longbao, the head of the Xi-Yu Family, talks about the necessity of balance of power to Brocco Li, the head of the Cha-R Family. Brocco notes that the Troupe is more savage than that. Both order their Underbosses to find Hisoka before the Troupe does. Brocco offers 10 million Jenny Currency Symbol to the person who finds Hisoka, as well as 10 million to the squad leader. Onior orders his guard to find males traveling alone or in a family of 3 or more.

Chap 378 - Etude of Love1

Morena's Etude of Love

Morena Prudo, head of the Heil-Ly Family and the illegitimate daughter of Nasubi, talks to her family, where she thanks them for their contribution. She silently thinks to herself that she wants to see the world destroyed. She kisses each member, bestowing them with the leveling system that can help them rise in ranking. 1 level is for regular people, 10 levels for Nen users, and 50 levels for killing a prince.

Second Rakers are illegitimate descendants of the king who are incapable of ascending to the throne. They are given two scars on the face when they are born, and they are forced to stay out of the public eye. Morena thinks about how cruel it is to bring a child into the world and mistreat it, and she remarks on the bond she has with her scar, as it helped her find her "balance". She declares that her will to live is simply in order to bring down the world.

The Phantom Troupe discusses the dynamics of the mafia families and their relations to the princes of the ship. Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan decide to retrieve weapons from the storage facility. Nobunaga insists on going alone, but Feitan and Phinks refuse to accept, reminding him that he himself admitted that Hisoka was stronger than he. In the warehouse, they are guided by a man who disappears from Nobunaga's En. They later find the wound-ridden corpse of the man, astonishing them.

Chap 378 - Luini spies

Luini spies on the Spiders

On Deck 3, 20 people were murdered by a man who, according to a witness, was in his twenties who had a large crescent-shaped scar on his left cheek. Mizaistom asks to speak to the witness directly.

Luini of the Heil-Ly Family, who matches the description of the murderer, watches the Phantom Troupe members in the warehouse from a bag above, and expresses his admiration for them, wishing to destroy the world with them.

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