Kiriko: Wicked Magical Vulpes (魔獣 凶狸狐, Majū Kiriko) is the 4th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio enter a dark forest outside of Dolle Harbor. The Quizzing Lady said that the couple who live in the house by the Lone Pine Tree would be their navigators. When they get there they call out, but no one answers. Leorio opens the door, and to their surprise, a Kiriko is holding a woman captive. Her husband is seen lying on the floor, injured. The trio tries to help the couple, but the Kiriko escapes. Gon and Kurapika run after the monster while Leorio volunteers to stay in order to help the husband.

Gon can see the monster's faint shadow in a short period of that time, which amazes Kurapika. They continue chasing it until it speaks to them. Gon says that if it can speak, then they can talk things over. Gon hits the Kiriko on the head, forcing it to release the wife. Kurapika catches her on time, while Gon stays in pursuit. The wife wakes up, and Kurapika notices her strange tattoos. Suddenly, Leorio arrives and tells him that the husband is fine and sleeping soundly. He is then hit by Kurapika in the face. This Leorio turns out to be one of the Kiriko in disguise. The monster escapes and Kurapika confronts the wife about who she really is. The wife replies with a wicked smile.

Meanwhile, Gon is searching for the Kiriko. It appears and charges at Gon while announcing its rage for having been attacked before. But Gon doesn't budge. Instead, the boy asks him about who he is. Gon states that the Kiriko he is facing now is not the one he's been following. Their voices and looks are completely different. The Kiriko laughs it off and calls for his wife. A family of Kiriko shows up, including the husband and wife who are actually the son and daughter. They reveal that they are the navigators.

The daughter comments on Kurapika's wisdom because of his knowledge of the tattoos, which Sumi girls used as a betrothal to God and vow of chastity. The son states that Leorio knew how to administer first-aid better than a doctor and that he also acted confidently at that time. As for Gon, he is the first-ever to have told the two Kiriko apart. And for these reasons, the Kiriko(s) agree to act as their navigators and take them to the exam center.

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