"I also never figured I'd see the day when a real contender would show up! And here I've got three!"

— Zebro

The Zoldycks, part 1 (ゾルディック家(1), Zorudikku Ke (1)) is the 40th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Gon asks Zebro to lend him the key and tells him that if he refuses, he'll climb over the Testing Gate. Kurapika agrees and wants to try opening the gate first. Zebro refuses to give the key, however, he tries to call the headquarters, but they do not consider his request. Gon wants to call the headquarters again, this time he'll talk to them. He introduces himself as a friend of Killua, but instead the butler's reply is that Killua doesn't have any friends. Gon shouts at the butler, but he still refuses. It may be possible that Gon is not who he says he is and only wants to harm Killua. Gon runs outside and tries to climb up the gates. Zebro is already convinced and will try to open the gates for them to enter.

Inside the spacious domain, Zebro calls out for Mike so Gon and his friends may see him. Mike comes out and is a gigantic dog standing at around 20 feet. Gon gets nervous as Mike only lies down on the ground. Zebro explains that Mike is a perfectly trained dog. They proceed to the house where Zebro stays and Gon and his friends are welcomed by Seaquant, another servant. Zebro tells Gon to open the door of the house but fails. The door is the same as the Testing Gate, only weighing 200 kilograms. Zebro then asks them to drink a cup of tea, but Kurapika notices that the cup is heavy, weighing 20 kilograms. In order to serve the Zoldycks, the servants are in constant training by using heavily weighed things. Zebro lets the three of them stay so they can have special training. After 10 days, Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio are able to open the Testing Gate.

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