"The difference between you and Fluffy is that while you hide your emotions you still have a soul."

— Gon, to Canary

The Zoldycks, part 2 (ゾルディック家(2), Zorudikku Ke (2)) is the 41st chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi


Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio leave Zebro in order to find the Zoldyck Family residence and bring back Killua. Zebro gives them directions, however, he and Seaquant are a bit worried about the danger they will encounter next as they near the mansion. Seaquant mentions a 10 year old girl, only an apprentice butler at the time, who managed to wipe out a whole troop composed of a Blacklist Hunter and about 100 of his henchmen.[note 1]

The group meets another servant, a female this time. She orders them to leave and if they refuse, she will expel them via force. She draws a line and if they ever cross it, she will hit them using her staff. Gon tries to pass her and he is instantly hit. Kurapika and Leorio quickly get into a fighting stance, but Gon tells them not to interfere. Gon tells Canary that they only want to see Killua, but she counters that she only obeys her master's orders. Gon tries to pass her again, but he is hit, again. From the bushes, there is someone who is currently watching the scene in silence.

Gon's face is now heavily injured. Canary still refuses to let them pass and Kurapika and Leorio do nothing, but watch them. Gon explains his purpose for being there: to see Killua. He then crosses the line, but Canary hesitates to hit him. Gon assures her that she is not like Mike—she has feelings. Canary starts to cry and begs them to save Killua. Suddenly, she's hit by a tiny projectile from afar. It was strong enough to knock her unconscious yet mild enough not to kill her. Out from the bushes come a tall lady and a young child. The lady tells them that she heard everything about Gon from Illumi. She also claims to have told Killua that his friends are in the domain about three weeks ago. She had come in order to deliver a message from Killua—he cannot see Gon and the others.

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  1. The misconception that Seaquant, implied as being the Hunter who led the attack, was accompanied by 100 other Blacklist Hunters (presumably also from the Hunter Association and not just amateur hunters) is disproved by the fact that in his speech (from page 2, panel 6) he is talking about one Blacklist Hunter that took about 100 of his henchmen/followers with him to attack the Zoldycks; which is in accordance with what is said in the official translation, although in the Viz version the term "thugs" is used instead of "henchmen".

    ()(ねん)くらい()(まえ)賞金首(ブラックリスト)ハンターが100()(にん)くらい() ()()()(ぶん)をつれて()(しゅう)(げき)()()たことがあっただろ()()() (3-nen kurai mae Burakkurisuto Hantā ga 100-nin kurai. Kobun o tsurete shūgeki ni kita koto ga attadaro.)


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