"Don't worry, he'll be back. He is, after all, my son"

— Silva Zoldyck, to Kikyo

The Zoldycks, part 3 (ゾルディック家(3), Zorudikku Ke (3)) is the 42nd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Killua is seen inside an isolation chamber, his arms chained up. His older brother Milluki holds a whip and tortures him, but to his annoyance, Killua falls asleep. When he wakes up, he playfully greets his brother, but Milluki only continues to hit him. Killua doesn't seem to be bothered, so Milluki threatens to call their mother so she can order the servants to kill Gon and the others. Killua then breaks his arm in one of the confinements and threatens Milluki that if he touches those three, he'll kill him. Milluki becomes visibly scared.

Their grandfather Zeno enters the room and tells Killua, he may leave and tells him his father wants to see him in his room. After Killua leaves, Milluki asks Zeno why he is so tolerant to Killua's actions, thus making him rebel. Instead, Zeno asks him about his thoughts on Killua's ability. He replies that Killua is the most gifted in the entire Zoldyck Family yet he is a failure for letting his emotions come first, to which Zeno agrees.

Killua's father, Silva, asks him about his "friends". Killua shrugs off and replies that he actually enjoys their company. He then wants him to come and tell stories about the Hunter Exam. Back to Gon, Kikyo introduces herself and Kalluto to them. Gon asks her why Killua can't see them. Kikyo explains that Killua ran away from home after wounding her and his brother yet he regretted his actions and came back. Suddenly, she receives a call from Zeno that Killua is already out of the isolation room. She panics on her own and excuses herself as she has other business. Gon gives her the message that they will be in the Zoldyck estate for 10 days. Kikyo leaves with Kalluto, who seems to be glaring at Gon and his friends. Canary wakes up and agrees to take them to the headquarters where they can make direct calls to the Zoldyck members. Kikyo is seen running through the forest and worries about Killua.

Killua continues to talk about Gon and his father seems to be enjoying the stories. Silva asks him if he wants to see his friends again. Silva gives Killua his permission to leave, but he has to promise that he will never betray his friends. Killua excitedly runs, but is stopped short by his mother who claims that Gon already left. Not convinced, Killua glares at her and tells her to get away from him. Kikyo is proud of him for doing such an act. Next, Kikyo confronts Silva for letting Killua go. He assures her that Killua will come back someday, because Killua is his son.

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  • In this chapter, Kikyo introduces Kalluto as a she.[citation needed]


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