"...You're not ready for this. So shoo! Leave this floor!"

— Hisoka, to Gon and Killua

The Invisible Wall (見えない壁, Mienai Kabe) is the 47th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Gon and Killua finally arrive at the 200th floor of Heavens Arena. While walking through the corridor, they feel something strange. As they continue to walk forward, the two are suddenly blocked and can't move forward by an unknown energy. An employee appears in front of them reminding them about the registration hours and the rules on the 200th floor. The two believe it is her casting the energy that stops them from reaching the registration booth until Hisoka appears in front of them. He states that the reason he is in the arena is because he loves fighting and explains further details.

As he reveals he is the one casting the strange energy to stop Gon and Killua from advancing, the two keep trying to move forward until Wing appears behind them. He tells them to stop, for they are defenseless against Hisoka's Nen and decides that he will teach both of them the real Nen. Before they leave, the employee warns them if they don't register in the time allotted, then Gon will restart from the first floor, however Killua won't be able to register again for he failed to register once before.

Wing finally explains the real meaning of Nen, and explains the aura and the uses of Ren and Zetsu. Wing explains every detail regarding Nen to the two. He shows them the real power of Nen by cracking the wall just by touching it with his hands while Hisoka is seen sitting in the corridor where the registration booth is located.

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