"They took the best positions for Ten with no instruction... and mastered the flow with just a few simple directions. Amazing! And terrifying!"

— Wing

Hisoka's Terms (ヒソカの条件, Hisoka no Jōken) is the 48th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Wing continues teaching Gon and Killua about Nen. While explaining Nen, Wing mentions that Zushi took 6 months to learn Ten, which he believes is fast enough. However, Gon and Killua only have until midnight to learn it to destroy the Nen wall Hisoka created. Wing uses the provoking method and starts sending his aura to them which is also called Hatsu. Wing explains further details to the two and tells them that now he'll teach the real Nen to them because they are already on the 200th floor and all of the fighters in that area use Nen.

Wing asks them to remove their sweaters and starts opening their auras. After their aura has been released, the two finally see the energy flowing around their bodies. Wing also tells them that if their aura continues to flow they'll feel tired, adding that they need to contain their auras by closing their eyes. After Wing teaches them how to contain their auras, he is amazed at how the two mastered it already without the need of further advice. When the two finish containing their auras, Wing warns them he will project his Nen to them and if they can avoid it they will be able to break the Nen wall of Hisoka.

Gon and Killua return to the floor where Hisoka is waiting. The two try to break Hisoka's Nen wall again and successfully do so by using Ten. Hisoka welcomes the two and starts talking to Gon. He tells him that if he wins a fight he might have a chance to face Hisoka. While Hisoka takes his leave, three unknown fighters appear.

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