"That's insane!! He didn't just release it... That's Zetsu!"

— Wing

"Zetsu" (ゼツ, Zetsu) is the 50th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Gido's tops continue to pound Gon and a solid hit sends Gon down which gives Gido a 5 point lead. Wing, along with Zushi, are watching the fight through a monitor and Wing elucidates Gido's Nen ability. Meanwhile, Gon is still having problems so he decides to close his eyes and start feeling the Nen wraps around the tops in order to see their movements, but his Ten starts to fade as another top hits him on his back that sends him outside the ring.

Gon wonders about a single top that also went outside the ring. He starts thinking why the top is not attacking him. He comes up with an idea and asks the ref about him being out of the ring. Wing analyzes that since the tops are not complex objects or living things to give a precise order, Gido may have given them orders to attack someone who bothers them. Gon goes back in the ring with courage and starts running towards Gido to attack him directly, when Gon is about to land his attack, Gido uses his Tornado Top, a technique which Gido himself spins like a top. After being hit Gon is sent flying outside the ring, but this time it's more critical and gives Gido 3 points. Wing states that there are a lot of ways to beat Gido, but Gon doesn't know how to use Ren yet.

Despite being behind by a huge margin Gon still wants to fight. He starts to focus again and discovers his Ten, but Wing states that it is not only Ten that he finds out, but also Zetsu. Wing starts to worry having knowledge on what Zetsu is. Killua warns Gon about the effect getting hit by a Nen attack without protection; that he will be seriously injured. In-spite of that, Gon plans to continue and has the thought of exercising his Nen while his life is at risk. Gido then orders his tops to attack him, but this time Gon manages to avoid his attacks. Gon is able to feel every movement of the tops and has his confidence back on being able to continue to fight. Hisoka watches from afar and gets a thrill from Gon's progress.

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