"I don't want to get a head start on Gon. I'll study with him after he keeps his promise."

— Killua, to Wing

"Ten" (点, Ten) is the 51st chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


After being treated due to the multiple injuries he receives in his previous fight, Gon is in his room resting. Killua scolds him from the results of his fight for being reckless. In a short while Wing enters Gon's room and Gon apologizes to him, but he receives a slap from Wing and just like Killua, he scolds him. Since Gon needs two months to heal, Wing tells him that he will not let him fight nor let him study and exercise Nen for two months. If Gon breaks his promise, Wing states he doesn't want to be involved with him anymore. After Gon agrees to Wing's demand he puts a promise thread on Gon's finger.

Wing and Killua step outside to talk. Wing asks him what their goal is and why they have come to Heavens Arena. Killua replies that he wants to earn money while Gon wants to fight Hisoka. Killua remembers Gon's fight against Gido. Gon used Zetsu and continued to avoid Gido's spinning tops until Gon had no place to move and eventually lost the match. Killua tells Wing that Gon, during his fight with Gido, was having fun even if his life was on the line and adds that if he is interested in something it looks like he doesn't know what he's doing.

Killua also tells Wing that Gon will not break his promise and Wing answers back that what if he's the one who breaks his promise stating that he will not teach them the technique called Nen. Killua answers back saying that they already know the technique even if Wing refuses to teach them now, they will find somebody to teach them or will find it themselves just like Hisoka and Illumi. Wing tells him that he has no plan on quitting and will continue to teach them, he also invites Killua to where Zushi is and starts practicing his Nen, but Killua refuses and will start practicing along with Gon. Before they leave Wing gives advice for Gon to Killua. Killua sees Gon meditating and joins him. Kurapika is seen looking for a job, but instantly gets denied for he needs to learn something. Wing on the other hand realizes the potential of the two.

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