"Heh heh, I see. ♥ Your ability is creating a double right?"

— Hisoka, to Kastro

Double (ダブル, Daburu) is the 53rd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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After hitting Hisoka, Kastro being confident, warns Hisoka and after seeing Kastro's attack, Killua thinks it is an illusion. Hisoka gets back on his feet as Kastro charges, and using his unknown technique, he is able to hit Hisoka again and is sent flying. Hisoka is still confused, but manages to avoid Kastro's follow-up attack. Kastro lands another hit, but Hisoka repels it with his arms when suddenly Kastro is able to move quickly behind Hisoka and kick him in the face that knocks Hisoka down.

Hisoka stands up and explains the mystery of Kastro's disappearing technique. Kastro then warns Hisoka that the next move will cost his arm and uses another technique called Tiger Bite Fist. Kastro charges again and Hisoka voluntarily gives up his left arm by raising it towards his opponent. While running, Kastro suddenly appears behind Hisoka's back and instead, cuts off Hisoka's right arm. After losing his right arm Hisoka finally solves Kastro's mystery technique where Kastro can create a double of himself.

Hisoka explains how he found out Kastro's technique and Kastro does the same by explaining the ability of his double. Kastro mentions that his double isn't a mere illusion and warns Hisoka that he will be facing two Kastros and reveals his technique called True Tiger Bite Fist with his double and tells Hisoka that he will take his left arm next.

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