"I predict that you'll dance yourself to death. ♠"

— Hisoka, to Kastro

Cause of Defeat (敗因, Haiin) is the 54th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


In the middle of the fight, Hisoka puts on a magic show. Cards are thrown up in the air until every single card scatters around the ground. Hisoka asks Kastro to choose one card; Hisoka does some mathematics and when he is done he takes the card which Kastro had in mind from his right arm wound. The crowd is amazed and in awe from Hisoka's trick. Kastro wastes no time and uses his double to attack Hisoka, telling him that he'd cut his left arm. Hisoka once again voluntarily gives up his left arm and Kastro easily cuts it off. However, Kastro is startled, including the audience, when Hisoka reveals his right arm intact. Hisoka states that it is one of his tricks, but Kastro believes it's his Nen ability.

Hisoka mocks Kastro by telling him that he doesn't understand his tricks and even praises his technique, Double, since Hisoka already knows the trick of Kastro's ability. He states that he will not be having problems anymore and predicts that Kastro will sink in insanity and die. Kastro immediately attacks Hisoka with his double, but Hisoka anticipates his move. Hisoka continues to avoid the Double's attacks, while Kastro looks on in troubled awe. Kastro himself runs towards Hisoka's blind spot, but when he is about to land his attack, Hisoka's detached left arm comes out of nowhere and lands a punch on Kastro's chin that makes him stagger. Kastro is dazed, making his technique useless since his body and mind are not in a normal state and gives Hisoka a chance to launch his cards to Kastro and instantly takes his life. Hisoka states that due to Kastro's excessive Nen use and the difficulty it takes to create a human out of it, his mind, or memory, couldn't produce a new Double in time of his death.

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