"It's so fascinating to watch. ♥ Maybe I hurt myself on purpose so I can see your work up close. ♥"

— Hisoka, to Machi

As for Hisoka... (ヒソカは⋯, Hisoka wa...) is the 55th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Hisoka is approached by a woman while he walks away from the arena where he recently won his match against Kastro. At his place, the woman heals his wound by using a needle and thread made of Nen to re-attached Hisoka's arms. Hisoka uses his technique called Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise to hide the stitch marks on his arms. The woman utters that those two techniques are the reason why he defeated Kastro. She also mentions the characteristics of his two techniques and even where he got his technique names.

Every detail is shown and explained how Hisoka defeated Kastro. Spreading cards and throwing his scarf along with his arm, by fixing the cards scattered around the ground, also the ace cards he threw to Kastro as a souvenir. Even Zetsu is explained in which Hisoka used to hide his plans from Kastro. However, Kastro was also a skilled Nen user and able to detect them using his Ren, but Hisoka mistook his ability, provoking Kastro, and angered him for not using his whole strength and by using a disguise by discharging less aura from his body than usual. He also released his Bungee Gum to attach to Kastro by extending his left arm when he voluntarily gave it up. And lastly, he used his Texture Surprise on the scarf to look more like his skin and activated his technique when Kastro attacked him and replaced his right arm by covering it with his scarf which completely made it look like his right arm was fixed. Kastro's psychological state also was a factor in his downfall.

55 - Hisoka's spider tattoo

Hisoka's spider tattoo

The girl is about to leave but gives Hisoka a message that the Phantom Troupe will gather around Yorknew City on August 30th. Hisoka takes a shower and the tattoo of a spider that contains a number 4 is seen. Hisoka is a type of person who's not interested in his past and may not even recognize every fighter he has ever fought. Later, he removes his tattoo from his back, made from his Texture Surprise, and states that he's found new toys in Gon and Killua. Hisoka also doesn't have any master other than himself and he believes that he is the strongest.

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