"Gon, my buddy! I will fight you, okay?"

— Sadaso, to Gon

Training Resumes (修行再開, Shūgyō Saikai) is the 56th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Wing lets Killua and Gon train with Zushi and can tell Gon kept his promise by looking at the thread he attached to his finger. Asked by his master, Gon demonstrates his Ten. Right after using Ten, Wing asks him to look at the thread on his finger as it begins to break apart. If Gon had used Nen then the thread would have broken since Wing tied it using his Nen. Killua brings up Hisoka and Kastro's match and questions Wing on what techniques Hisoka used, and they decide to watch the tape of the fight.

The tape is paused during Hisoka's spreading of cards and a scarf, but Gon and Killua can't see wires attached to the cards, as Wing explains Hisoka used a high level Zetsu which is called In. To counter In, they need to focus their Ren on their eyes. Gon and Killua need to practice their Ren in order for them to see Hisoka's In. Zushi, on the other hand, is asked by Wing to demonstrate it to the two and starts to focus his Ren through his eyes and is able to see Hisoka's Bungee Gum, but couldn't see all the wires that Hisoka used. Wing tells the two to practice their Ren to learn Gyo.

Regarding Killua's question, if they can learn the technique of Hisoka, Wing explains to them that every person has different types of likes and skills and it is the same for Nen as it also has different types. Wing adds that increasing their Nen skills will help them discover their own arrangement, not by copying somebody else, as Wing motivates them to train hard in order to become stronger. Wing gives the two a date on when they fight and until that time comes they should have mastered Gyo.

Gon, Killua, and Zushi head back to their own quarters, but three fighters from the 200th floor confront them. The three strangers, according to Killua, only fight newcomers, and they want Killua and Gon to schedule a match with them. One of the three strangers, called Sadaso, demonstrates his skill and without thinking, Gon tells them his schedule when he can fight. Though Sadaso can't fight Gon on the set date, he is determined to face Gon no matter what.

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