"If you even touch Zushi again it'll be your face next time!!"

— Gon, to Gido

Rematch (再戦, Saisen) is the 58th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Sadaso packs his things and leaves the arena, warning Riehlvelt and Gido about Killua on what he is capable of. Riehlvelt will continue using dirty tricks in order to become a floor master; Killua appears in front of the door where they are staying and tells them he can approach them whenever and wherever he wants and warns them about their tricks. Gon's rematch with Gido arrives and brings his Dad's Fishing Rod with him this time.

When the match starts, Gido immediately uses Tornado Top and fires his smaller tops while spinning at the same time, a technique called Shotgun Blues. However, due to Gon's training, his Nen level increased and is able to repel Gido's tops. Gido's tops are useless now, so he predicts Gon will use his Fishing Rod, and when Gon fires his fishing rod's wire exactly where Gido expected, he repels the wire. The wire lands on the ground and attaches to the flagstone where Gido is on top of and is pulled off the ground and sent flying to the surface followed by the huge flagstone that falls onto him. Gido isn't able to move and Gon destroys his prosthetic leg and warns them to leave Zushi alone, Gon wins his rematch. The next match is about to begin between Killua and Riehlvelt

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