"You can set the day and place. ♣ I'll take you on, any time. ♠"

— Hisoka, to Gon

Making the Grade (及第, Kyūdai) is the 59th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


The match of Killua and Riehlvelt starts. Killua makes his first move and jumps above his opponent, causing Riehlvelt to believe he's vanished. Upon noticing him, Riehlvelt uses his Nen ability called Aura Burst where his wheelchair distances himself and at the same time to avoids Killua's attack. Riehlvelt takes out his weapons, two whips which he called "Twin Snake", and rapidly swings them around him. Riehlvelt brags about his weapons and states Killua's situation. Unfortunately Killua catches his weapons easily which surprises his opponent, but Riehlvelt turns on a switch from his weapons that sends electric waves from his twin snakes to Killua.

Riehlvelt once again brags about his weapons' ability, however, Killua sends him flying by tossing him using his own weapons. Killua states that he is not hurt by electricity due to the training he receives but nonetheless he feels the pain and that's making him a bit annoyed. By using Riehlvelt's whips, Killua flings him into the air. Riehlvelt, who is falling down and is about to crash to the ground, begs for Killua's help. Holding his opponent's weapons and electricity still wrapped around his body, Killua catches Riehlvelt who gets electrocuted and becomes unconscious. With this, Killua wins. Right after the match, Gon receives some advice from Killua regarding Riehlvelt's techniques.

Now it's Gon's turn to fight Riehlvelt. Riehlvelt quickly uses his "Twin Snake", rapidly swinging them the same as before. Gon lifts a flagstone and throws it directly towards him. To escape, Riehlvelt uses his Aura Burst but Gon anticipates his move and is able to stop him and steals his weapons. He wraps his opponent's weapons around his neck and fools him by saying he will turn the switch on to maximum, causing Riehlvelt to faint. Riehlvelt begs for mercy and concedes defeat, resulting in Gon winning the match. Leaving the arena, Gon is approached by Hisoka. Hisoka congratulates him on his victory and invites him to face him next.

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