"I'll be looking forward to it. ♥"

— Hisoka, to Gon

Passing the Exam (合格, Gōkaku) is the 60th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Wing teaches Killua, Gon and Zushi about Hatsu, the final Nen skill. It has 6 categories which are Enhancement, Emission, Manipulation, Conjuration, Transmutation, and Specialization. Wing tells the details of each category based on their order and how to determine an aura base and how techniques have been used.

In order for them to learn which type of aura they fall under, Wing introduces "Water Divination", a certain way to learn which category they belong to. Divination requires one to float a leaf atop a glass of water and use their Nen by holding their hands on either side of the glass. Wing demonstrates the technique to them and the amount of water increases which is a sign of Enhancement. Gon also belongs to Enhancers, while Zushi falls under Manipulation, and Killua is a Transmuter.

Wing gives them four weeks to improve the quality of their auras. Gon receives a call from Hisoka and tells him the day of their match. After training, Gon and Killua try the "Water Divination" technique and both of them successfully pass the test. Wing tells Gon that he passed the secret Hunter Exam by learning Nen since every Hunter needs to know it. It is not openly told to examinees because some might use it for bad things.

The two learn that Wing intended to teach them from the start and also learn that the master of Shingen-ryu kung fu is the Chairman Netero himself. He tells them how the other applicants, who recently passed the exam, are learning Nen, except Hisoka and Illumi who already knew Nen before. Wing also gives Gon advice on his match with Hisoka and praises the talents of both Gon and Killua.

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