"You can't escape now. ♥"

— Hisoka, to Gon.

Like You Mean It (本気, Honki) is the 62nd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


The crowd is stunned after they saw a punch from Gon that landed on Hisoka's face which gives Gon a 2-1 lead. However, some of the audience, including the announcer, reacts to the referee's decision because Hisoka doesn't seem to be harmed by Gon's punch. A guy from the crowd explains the reason why the referee gave Gon a two point lead that clarifies things. Hisoka walks towards the direction of Gon as Gon does the same. Gon extends his hand to return Hisoka's badge prior to the events in the Fourth Phase of the Hunter Exam. Hisoka accepts the badge and the two quickly separate themselves from each other.

Hisoka asks Gon about his lessons on Nen, and reveals his way of knowing a person's type of aura by judging a person's traits. Enhancement-types are pure and simple while Transmutation-types, which Hisoka belongs to, are whimsical liars. He warns Gon to be careful with Transmuters for they are unstable. After explaining, Hisoka charges and lands an elbow to Gon and another punch from the back. Gon is able to avoid Hisoka's kick that sends a flagstone flying to the crowd. However, Hisoka uses his speed to hit him once again, which sends Gon down to the floor. Gon quickly gets back on his feet and Hisoka orders Gon to attack him. Gon refuses to come near Hisoka for awhile, but Hisoka forces him to come, by using his Bungee Gum. He pulls Gon towards him and lands a powerful punch on Gon's face.

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Mysterious man appears on Heavens arena

A mysterious man appears next to the announcer

  • In this chapter a mysterious man appears next to the announcer. In the 1999 anime adaptation, he appears under the man named Togashi. While in the 2011 anime adaptation, he appears as Baka Ki El Dogra from Level E, a series made by the same author of Hunter × Hunter.


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