"There will be no rules or points next time. ♠ It'll be life or death. ♠"

— Hisoka, to Gon.

Next (これから, Kore Kara) is the 63rd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Using Gyo, Gon sees Hisoka's Bungee Gum attached to him and after a successful hit, Hisoka gains another point that extends his lead. Gon stands up, but is seriously hurt from Hisoka's last punch. Hisoka gives Gon a quiz and tells him that if he answers the question correctly, he will allow Gon to freely hit him. Hisoka asks when did he attach the Bungee Gum to Gon and gives him three choices. After thinking, Gon gives his answer, but Hisoka fools him by telling that the correct answer is not among the given choices.

Hisoka continues to talk to Gon regarding his use of Bungee Gum. After a brief explanation about his techniques, the match resumes. Not able to escape from Hisoka, Gon plans to face him directly. Hisoka's aura changes and lets Gon punch him and starts thinking about Gon while receiving those punches. However, Hisoka counters with a left hook and uses the Bungee Gum to pull Gon and smashes him again, but Gon guards his attack. The referee gives points to each fighter, but a down was scored to Hisoka which Gon complains about and so does the audience. They criticize the referee's decision.

Hisoka asks Gon to look to his right and suddenly a huge stone hits Gon that knocks him down. Gon is once again fooled by Hisoka. The referee gives another two points to Hisoka and declares him the winner. Hisoka then becomes a Floor Master. After the fight, Hisoka praises Gon about his quick progression, but needs more practice. Until then, he would like to face Gon again, but not in Heavens Arena, in the real world, where there are no rules and their lives are on the line. Gon admits he needs to train a lot more in order for him to catch up to Hisoka. After the match, Gon and Killua decide to go to Gon's place in Whale Island and bid farewell to Heavens Arena.

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