September 2nd: Part 1 (9月2日(1), Kugatsu Futsuka (1)) is the 79th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


The cover page shows Uvogin surrounded by aura and an explanation of his Nen abilities. He has no interests aside from training and winning fights. By concentrating his aura into his fist, he can use his maximum strength. His Big Bang Impact is as strong as a small missile, though his goal is to strengthen it to rival a nuclear warhead.

The chapter starts with Uvogin breaking down doors wondering where his captors are, making Shalnark comment that if he hadn't yelled, they'd probably still be there. Shalnark then proposes to go home as they have all they originally came for. Uvogin says he's not going anywhere until he gets his hands on the "Chain User".

Hisoka and Kurapika are still talking on whether or not to team up. The latter then gets a call from Melody telling him Uvogin has escaped. Kurapika then asks Hisoka if he knows where any of the Scarlet Eyes is, to which he replied that he does not. Hisoka lets Kurapika know that even if their leader is beaten, the Phantom Troupe will continue with their plans. Their group is founded on quid pro quo and each member can leave as they please. When asked again if they'll be teaming up, Kurapika tells Hisoka to meet at the same time the next day.

Back at the Hotel Beitacle, Kurapika along with Squala, Basho, and Melody discuss their next course of action. They decide on informing the "Boss". They wake up Neon and let her know the auction has been canceled. They lie and say all the items are safely hidden. With Dalzollene dead, they elect Kurapika as the new group leader for the time being. As the stand-in leader, he decides to call Light. He wants Kurapika to keep an eye on his daughter until he arrives the next night.

Uvogin and Shalnark are seen tracing the hotel room back to the Nostrade Family. Shalnark then gives Uvogin the possible locations of the Nostrade Family. Uvogin gives Shalnark a kiss on the cheek as he doesn't have any money to pay him. Shalnark then tells him to be careful as he leaves. Uvogin wonders if he should start with the cheap hotels.

Squala is seen surprised and scared when he learned they've been tracked down. Kurapika then orders the team to evacuate Neon from the hotel and he'll stay behind much to Melody's dismay. Uvogin is seen interrogating a man who tells him about Neon Nostrade and how important she is to the Mafia's success. This makes Uvogin realize there were no traitors in the group.

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