The Other Enemy (もうひとつの敵, Mō Hitotsu no Teki) is the 8th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


The candidates all look out at the Swindler's Swamp as the gates to the tunnel behind them slowly close. One candidate who had fallen behind and crawled their way through the rest of the First Phase was unable to make it before the gates shut.

Satotz speaks up and reiterates that the creatures in the swamp were wily and deadly. He tells them all to stay close to him and keep focused or they would be lost, Satotz is then interrupted by a wounded man emerging from next to the gate. The man claims that Satotz is an impostor who is lying and that he himself was, in fact, the real examiner and holds up the body of a Man-faced Ape, saying Satotz is one of them and had been intending to lead them all to their doom so the Apes could feast on the Hunter Exam applicant pool. Suddenly, some playing cards zoom forward and pierce the man's face, killing him instantly. Playing cards had also been thrown at Satotz who had managed to catch them all easily but with shock at this attack on himself.

Hisoka Morow shuffles his card deck and the supposedly dead Man-faced Ape sees this turn of events and quickly leaps out to escape but is attacked and killed by more card attacks. Hisoka smiles and declares that Satotz is the real one as any Hunter would be able to defend from the basic attack he had done. Satotz says that he would take that as a compliment, however, the next attack on him would be grounds for immediate disqualification and Hisoka nonchalantly accepts these terms. A kettle of vultures arrives and begins to feed upon the dead Apes.

Satotz says it was a nice ruse from Apes to throw the candidates off by calling him a fake. Astutely judging that many of the candidates had been swayed by these claims he says that such tricks are what make the Swindler's Swamp the fascinating place it was. Leorio and Hanzo smile nervously as they had indeed bought into the Apes' ruse. Satotz leads the remaining three hundred and eleven candidates into the swamp and Leorio complains that they have to go through another marathon.

As they continue running, Killua bids Gon to come forward with him so that they could keep Satotz in sight. He says this is also a way for them to stay away from Hisoka, saying that as he had killed already he would want to kill again. Noticing that Gon was looking at him curiously, Killua recognizes that the boy was wondering how he knew that Hisoka would feel that way and Killua responds that he could sense that Hisoka was just like he was. Gon responds by saying that he did not seem to be like Hisoka but Killua states that he was merely playing innocent. Gon calls out to Leorio and Kurapika, yelling at them to come forward and receive the response that if they could they would have already done so. Killua wistfully bemoans Gon's lack of suspense as the boy tells them to try harder.

The fog in the swamp gets thicker and the candidates behind him aim to keep the ones in front in sight so they can keep following. Suddenly they hear a plop as the silhouette of the person in front of them collapses and a large strawberry lands in front of them. They stare at in confusion and then a Noggin Lugging Tortoise grabs one of the candidates in its jaws and swoops them up. The candidates scream and Gon looks behind to see what was going on, with Killua saying that they had been tricked and were gone. The candidates in front look behind in shock and see that more than a hundred people who had been behind them were now nowhere to be seen.

After they had run from the Tortoises, some had been gobbled up by a Frog-In-Waiting. Others were led to their deaths by a Ruse Raven while yet others were done in by Claymore Mushrooms and by a Hypnosis Butterfly. Amidst the chaos, Leorio rues the lack of his briefcase as all his weapons were inside it, Gon wonders if he and Kurapika were okay but Killua brings him back to earth, saying that he had his own worries to pay attention to. The fog had grown even thicker and the group in front of them was difficult to see, saying that if they got separated they would be Swindler food, Killua bids for Gon to focus on the task at hand. Meanwhile, in the group behind, Hisoka had begun attacking the stragglers, including Kurapika and Leorio. Kurapika manages to block all his attacks but Leorio's left arm is pierced by a playing card. Gon hears Leorio's cry and rushes to help, as he asks Hisoka what he is doing and the man simply responds that he was playing examiner.

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